Zecca: The Mint of Venice in the Middle Ages [Hardback]

Alan M. Stahl(Author)

ISBN: 9780801863837 | Published by: American Numismatic Society | Year of Publication: 2000 | Language: English 497p,
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This is the first book to study in detail the workings of a pre-modern mint. Based on two coin hoards of 5,000 and 14,000 coins, documentary evidence and scientific analysis, Stahl presents a history of Zecca from its origins in the 9th century to 1423 and the dominance of this Venetian currency in Mediterranean trade. Subsequent sections focus on the mechanisms of controlling the bullion and the role of the mint and the coinage it produced in Venetian trade and government. The processes by which the bullion was transformed into coins, the personnel involved, lists of holders of offices at the mint and summaries of the major coin types, are all included.

Reviews & Quotes

"A significant contribution to the literature on the economic and monetary history of medieval Venice and of the Italian Middle Ages...a welcome addition to most university libraries. It is extremely well written...essential reading for scholars of medieval economic and monetary history, and it will also find an audience among numismatists and collectors of medieval coins."

Speculum (April 2003)

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