Oxbow Insights in Archaeology

Oxbow Insights in Archaeology is a new peer-reviewed series which provides a forum for authors to address big topics authoritatively and accessibly in paperback format.

With a distinguished editorial board headed by Richard Bradley, the series is designed to provoke lively debate. Authors can reflect on any aspect of archaeology: be it period based, landscape, artefact, or theoretical, historiographical, social, phenomenological – though preferably stemming from their own work – and present new theories, a subject overview, current thoughts on a particular topic, or a sideways original approach. The aim is to give authors the chance to address a wide audience in an accessible way, to a high academic standard.

Editorial advisory board

Umberto Albarella, University of Sheffield

John Baines, University of Oxford

Richard Bradley – Chair, University of Reading

Chris Gosden, University of Oxford

Simon James, University of Leicester

Neil Price, University of Aberdeen

Anthony Snodgrass, University of Cambridge

Mark White, Durham University

Alasdair Whittle, Cardiff University

Ofer Bar-Yosef, Harvard University

Submitting a proposal for the Oxbow Insights in Archaeology series

The texts should be short c. 50,000–70,000 words, illustrated as required but not heavily so. Volumes will be published simultaneously as print and e-book editions. Authors do not need to be getting towards the end of their career but simply have something interesting to say and to be able to write for a not entirely academic audience.

Benefits for authors

–          Fast turnaround of 6-8 months from receipt of manuscript to publication

–          Peer review

–          Low priced paperbacks that will be widely read and marketed worldwide

–          Simultaneous publication as an e-book

–          Royalty

Submissions are invited; please contact Julie Gardiner (jpg@oxbowbooks.com) to discuss, or follow the guidelines below.

Proposals should be sent to Oxbow’s Publishing Director Julie Gardiner (jpg@oxbowbooks.com). Please include the following information:

  • Title and author
  • A summary (up to one page)
  • List of contents and brief chapter summaries
  • A sample of text; this could be the introduction or a sample chapter
  • Proposed timetable for submission of manuscript
  • Approximate word count bearing in mind the series is designed to be between 50,000-70,000 words
  • Approximate number of illustrations
  • CV or biographical information

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