The Archaeology of Household [Paperback]

Marco Madella (Editor); Gabriella Kovacs (Editor); Brigitta Kulcsarne-Berzsenyi (Editor); Ivan Briz I Godino (Editor)

ISBN: 9781789252125 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Year of Publication: 2019 | Language: English 296p, H242 x W170 (mm) 125 b/w + col illus.

The Archaeology of Household


From the simplest hunter-gatherer society to the most powerful Empire, all societies are built on basic daily life, developed day to day with its specific material conditions. Household archaeology looks at the detail of the living domain, exploring the most essential elements of any social dynamic, the archaeology of the small scale. The Archaeology of Household looks at this important aspect of archaeological investigation in a variety of different ways using a range of theoretical and methodological perspectives, deep thinking about the mathematical nature of household space, and how societies world view was reflected in domestic space. Case studies include hunter-gatherer societies in America, Neolithic and Bronze Age lakeside settlements in Switzerland and the Alpine region, Bronze Age sites in Hungary and northern Europe and Archaic period Sicily.

Table of Contents

1 The Archaeology of Household – An Introduction
Ivan Briz i Godino and Marco Madella
2 The Mathematics of Domestic Spaces
Juan A. Barceló and Alfredo Maximiano
3 The Integrity of Social Space: Hunters-Gatherers at the End of the World
Ivan Briz i Godino, Débora Zurro, Myrian Álvarez and Assumpció Vila
4 Household Archaeology of Complex Hunter-Gatherers on the North-west Coast of North America
Gary Coupland
5 Domestic Space: Analysis of the Activities of a Hunter-Gatherer Social Unit at the Southern End of the American Continent
Jordi Estévez Escalera and Ignacio Clemente Conte
6 Domestic Units, Definition and Multiform Archaeological Appearance. Economy and Politics in Unlike Domestic Prehistoric Groups of the Western Mediterranean
Pedro V. Castro-Martínez, Nicolau Escanilla-Artigas, Trinidad Escoriza-Mateu, Joaquim Oltra-Puigdomènech and Diana Sarkis-Fernández
7 Archaeology of the Household. A Swiss Perspective
Nina Künzler Wagner
8 Considerations about Possible Household Activities in the Neolithic Lakeside Settlement Arbon-Bleiche 3, Switzerland – a Preliminary
Thomas Doppler, Britta Pollmann and Brigitte Röder
9 Houses and Domestic Life in the Circum-Alpine Region Bronze Age
Francesco Menotti and Urs Leuzinger
10 Locating Household Activities on a Bronze Age Tell
Marie Louise Stig Sørensen and Magdolna Vicze
11 Soil Micromorphology of the Household at Százhalombatta-Földvár Bronze Age Tell Settlement, Hungary
Gabriella Kovács
12 House 1, Monte Polizzo, Sicily: from Excavation of a Ruin to Steps Towards an Interpretation of a Household
Christopher Prescott and Christian Mühlenbock
13 Households in Context. Cosmology, Economy and Long-Term Change in the Bronze Age of Northern Europe
Kristian Kristiansen
14 Endurance of the Household Constructional Systems in Castilla-La Mancha (Spain) from the Protohistoric Period to the Middle Ages
Rosario García Huerta, Francisco Javier Morales Hervás and David Rodríguez González

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