Medieval Slavic Coinages in the Balkans [Hardback]

Martin Dimnik (Author); Julijan Dobrinic (Author)

ISBN: 9781902040851 | Published by: Spink Books | Year of Publication: 2019 | Language: English 256p, H280 x W210 (mm)

Medieval Slavic Coinages in the Balkans


The purpose of the book is to introduce the English speaking reader to the medieval Slavic coinages of the Balkans as a whole. Its objective is not to present an in-depth analysis of any individual coinage or an analysis of specific coin hoards. Rather, its intent is to make available, in one volume, a general synthesis of the up-to-date scholarship, and a catalogue of the main sorts and types of coinages from the different medieval Slavic Balkan lands and towns. Until now, these coinages have been examined only in specialised articles on the problems of attribution and identification of specific coins; and there are lists and catalogues of the coinages struck by specific rulers, states and towns. Significantly, no comprehensive review exists of the coinages issued by all the Slavic political authorities of the medieval Balkans, this study is the first attempt at such a survey.

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