A Quaker Burial Ground at North Shields: Excavations at Coach Lane, Tyne and Wear [Paperback]

Jennifer Proctor (Author); Märit Gaimster (Author); James Young Langthorne (Author)

ISBN: 9780992667276 | Published by: Pre-Construct Archaeology | Series: Pre-Construct Archaeology Monograph | Volume: 20 | Year of Publication: 2016 | Language: English 211p, 89 b/w, 23 col, 46 tables, 3 appendices

A Quaker Burial Ground at North Shields


The archaeological excavation of 244 burials and associated charnel from a burial ground in North Shields, used by the Society of Friends between 1711 and 1829, provided a rare opportunity to examine a Quaker burial ground in its entirety. The publication considers aspects of the layout and chronological use of the burial ground, use of coffins, coffin fittings and grave markers, treatment of the body and burial customs, demographics and health of the population. Detailed reports on human osteology, coffin construction and fittings as well as other associated finds accompany the discussion of Quaker burial practices as revealed by these excavations. Documentary research has enabled the lives of four of the families buried at Coach Lane to be investigated in more detail.

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