Alexandria and the North-Western Delta: Joint Conference Proceedings of Alexandria: City and Harbour (Oxford 2004) and The Trade and Topography of Egypt's North-West Delta: 8th century BC to 8th century AD (Berlin 2006) [Hardback]

Damian Robinson (Editor); Andrew Wilson (Editor)

ISBN: 9781905905140 | Published by: Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology | Volume: 5 | Year of Publication: 2010 | Language: English 300p, over 200 b/w & col illus

Alexandria and the North-Western Delta


This monograph contains the joint proceedings of the first two conferences organised by the Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology. It contains 23 papers that cover land-based and underwater excavation and survey in the area of the North-Western Nile Delta, principally concerning the cities of Alexandria and Heracleion-Thonis, as well as studies of aspects of the material culture from these sites.

Table of Contents

Introduction (Damian Robinson and Andrew Wilson)

Alexandria and the North-Western Delta
1. Geophysical Survey in the Submerged Canopic Region (Franck Goddio
2. Naukratis, Heracleion-Thonis and Alexandria: Remarks on the Presence and Trade Activities of Greeks in the North-West Delta from the Seventh Century BC to the End of the Fourth Century BC (Stefan Pfeiffer)
3. Heracleion, Herakles and Naukratis (Ursula Höckmann)
4. Early Human Activity (pre-332 BC) in Alexandria, Egypt: New Findings in Sediment Cores from the Eastern Harbour (Jean-Daniel Stanley and Elizabeth A. Landau)
5. The development and Operation of the Portus Magnus in Alexandria: An Overview (David Fabre and Franck Goddio)
6. Discovering Alexandria: Archaeological Update on the Finds from Kom el-Dikka (Grzegorz Majcherek)
7. L’édifice théâtral de Kôm el-Dikka: Quelques mythes et plusieurs questions (Zsolt Kiss
8. Trade and the Flag: Alexandria, Egypt and the Imperial House (Alan K. Bowman
9. Settlement Connections in the Canopic Region (Penelope Wilson)
10. Destructive Earthquakes in Alexandria and Aboukir Bay (Amos Nur

Studies in the material culture of the North-Western Delta and submerged settlements in Aboukir Bay
11. Fatal Evidence? (Günter Grimm
12. Occupation and Trade at Heracleion-Thonis: The Evidence from the Pottery (Catherine Grataloup
13. The Naos of the Decades: The Discovery of New Fragments and Their Contribution to the Interpretation of the Monument (Anne-Sophie von Bomhard)
14. The Naos of the Decades and its Place in Egyptian Astrology (J.F. Quack)
15. Das dem Naos der Dekane zugrundeliegende kalendarische System (Christian Leitz)
16. Statues of Ptolemaic Queens from Alexandria, Canopus and Heracleion-Thonis (Sabine Albersmeier)
17. Hydreios Statues from the IEASM Excavations in Aboukir Bay (Emma Susan Libonati)
18. Le Dieu Nil Hellénistique: A propos d’une sculpture de Canope (Zsolt Kiss)
19. Living with Metals in Hellenistic Egypt: New Finds from Heracleion-Thonis (Zöe Robinson)
20. The Early Byzantine Jewellery from Aboukir Bay and its Significance (Yvonne Stolz)
21. Egypt as Metaphor: Decoration and Eschatology in the Monumental Tombs of Ancient (Alexandria Marjorie Susan Venit)
22. Terenuthis and Elsewhere: The Archaeology of Eating, Drinking and Dying in Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt (Katja Lembke)
23. Landscapes of Cameo Glass (Susan Walker

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