An Immense and Exceedingly Commodious Goods Station: The Archaeology and History of the Great Northern Railway’s Goods Yard at King’s Cross, 1849 to the Present Day [Hardback]

Rebecca Haslam (Author); Guy Thompson (Author)

ISBN: 9780992667269 | Published by: Pre-Construct Archaeology | Series: Pre-Construct Archaeology Monograph Series | Volume: 19 | Year of Publication: 2016 | Language: English 340p, 223

An Immense and Exceedingly Commodious Goods Station


A redevelopment to the north of King’s Cross Passenger Station presented a unique opportunity to thoroughly investigate the archaeology, built heritage and history of one of the most important former railway termini in the country: King’s Cross Goods Yard, which forms the focus of this book. Thanks to the sympathetic nature of the redevelopment, that yard now happens to be one of the most complete and best preserved examples of its kind in Britain. Built by the Great Northern Railway between 1849 and 1852, this rail, canal and road interchange would not only prove to be crucial to the success of that famous company but would also be a driving force that would fuel the economy of Britain and her capital for the remainder of the Victorian era. A vital hub during both World Wars, it remained a viable entity until the latter half of the 20th century, when an industrial downturn combined with the ever-growing supremacy of road haulage signalled the beginning of the end for the station’s rail head. Supported by thorough historical research and never-before published archaeological work, this monograph comprehensively presents the story of this extraordinary complex from its inception through to its regeneration and salvation in recent times. Based upon data that has been compiled by a multidisciplinary team of experts from Pre-Construct Archaeology (PCA), this book seeks to familiarise the reader not only with the various components of the complex, how they were built and how they functioned, but also animates and contextualises them via a powerful admixture of social, economic and technological historic research in combination with an analysis of the physical remains. This monograph is the first in a series of three that explores the history, archaeology and built heritage of this fascinating suburb of London.

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"A must for railway buffs and an outstanding triumph of developer-funded research highlighting an under-appreciated side of London’s past. "
Harold Mytum
British Archaeology (06/06/2017)

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