English Hammered Coinage Volume II [Hardback]

JJ North (Author)

ISBN: 9780907605348 | Published by: Spink Books | Year of Publication: 2018 | Language: English 256p, H255 x W200 (mm)

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English Hammered Coinage Volume II


The third revised editions of Jeffrey North’s two volume classic are newly reissued for 2018 to make them available to Spink customers for the first time in over ten years. Volume I includes hammered coins of the early Anglo Saxon, Viking, Regional Kings, Norman and Plantagenet periods up to the reign of Henry III, including 20 plates with hundreds of coin images, covering the dates c600 to 1272. Volume II covers the coinages of Edward I to Charles II from 1272-1662, the principal amendments to the third edition being in the coinages of 1279-1351 and the provincial issues of Charles 1; much new information was incorporated into the relevant sections in 2000 on the strength of important studies including the base shillings of Edward VI, the milled coinage of Elizabeth 1, the Tower shillings of Charles 1 and the mint of York of Charles 1.

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