Archaeological Perspectives on the Transmission and Transformation of Culture in the Eastern Mediterranean [Hardback]

Joanne Clarke (Author); Joanne Clark (Author)

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ISBN: 9781842171684 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Series: Levant Supplementary Series | Volume: 2 | Year of Publication: 2005 | Language: English 218p, H297 x W210 (mm)

Archaeological Perspectives on the Transmission and Transformation of Culture in the Eastern Mediterranean


The eastern Mediterranean was the centre of trade for many centuries, sitting at the junction of what are now Europe, Asia and Africa. It was the place where exotic produce and products could be traded or exchanged for things that had their origins perhaps thousands of miles away. But wherever trade takes place, a similar exchange of ideas, technology and culture also occurs. This book presents thirty papers on this very subject, looking at the ways in which we can measure the transmission of culture, and how this transmission varied across time and space.

Table of Contents

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Cultural Transmissions and Transformations (Joanne Clarke)
Part One: Methodological Approaches to the Transmission and Transformation of Culture
Understanding the Importance of Methodology in Complex Archaeological Interpretation (Joanne Clarke)
Constructing Identities in the Neolithic Eastern Mediterranean: Cultural Difference and the Role of Architecture (Demetra Papaconstantinou)
Becoming Bronze Age: Acculturation and Enculturation in Third Millennium BC Cyprus (David Frankel)
'Ethnicities', 'Ethnonyms' and Archaeological Labels. Whose Ideologies and Whose Identities? (Susan Sherratt)
A Question of Reception (Jacke Phillips)
Transmission and Assimilation in Context: An Economic Model for the Selection and Use of Greek and Phoenician Ceramic Imports in 8th Century BC Cypriot Society (David W. Rupp)
The Local Dimension in the Late Bronze Age Southern Levant: A Case Study Using Imported Pottery (G Miles Huckle)
The Impact of Trade on Late Cypriot Society: A Contextual Study of Imports from Enkomi (Sophia Antoniadou)
Part Two: Time and Continuity
Transmissions and Transformations in Time and the Phenomenon of Continuity (Joanne Clarke)
The Neolithic Revolution and the Emergence of Humanity: a Cognitive Approach to the First Comprehensive World-View (Trevor Watkins)
Life, Death and the Emergence of Differential Status in the Near Eastern Neolithic: Evidence from Kfar HaHoresh, Lower Galilee, Israel (A. Nigel Goring-Morris)
Transforming Food Practices in the Epipalaeolithic and Pre-Pottery Neolithic Levant (Brian Boyd)
Like a Bull in a China Shop: Identity and Ideology in Neolithic Cyprus (Alain Le Brun)
House Form and Cultural Identity in Chalcolithic Cyprus (Gordon Thomas)
Cyprus at the Dawn of the First Millennium BC: Cultural Homogenisation Versus the Tyranny of Ethnic Identifications (Maria Iacovou)
Part Three: Space and Diversity
Crossing Cultural Divides: Transmissions and Transformations in Space (Joanne Clarke)
Identifying Ethnicity from Prehistoric Pottery in Ancient Egypt and the Southern Levant (Eliot Braun)
The Frontier of Egypt in the Early Bronze Age: Preliminary Soundings at Tell al-Sakan (Gaza Strip) (Pierre de Miroschedji and Moain Sadeq)
Cultural Homogenisation and Diversity in Canaan During the 13th and 12th Centuries BC (Ann E. Killebrew)
Ideology, Iconography and Identity. The Role of Foreign Goods and Images in the Establishment of Social Hierarchy in Late Bronze Age Cyprus Jennifer M. Webb)
Images of Women and Cultural Assimilation in the Achaemenid Persian Levant and Cyprus (Roger Moorey)
Minoan Asherah? (Stephanie Budin)
The Worship of Anat and Astarte in Cypriot Iron Age Sanctuaries (Anja Ulbrich)
Architectural Styles and Ethnic Identity in Medieval to Modern Cyprus (Michael Given)
Identities and Empire: Cyprus under British Rule (Kylie Seretis)

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