Allerhand Kleinigkeiten [Paperback]

Martin Fitzenreiter (Author)

ISBN: 9781906137564 | Published by: Golden House Publications | Series: Internet-Beitrage zur AEgyptologie und Sudanarchaologie | Volume: 20 | Year of Publication: 2018 | Language: English 278p, H297 x W211 (mm) Fully Illustrated

Allerhand Kleinigkeiten


Allerhand Kleinigkeiten is a collection of essays covering a wide range of topics within Egyptology, from funerary culture up to self conception of Egyptolgy. The articles include research on pious foundations and its relation to charity in Ancient Egypt, the change of burial customs around 1000 BC, a summary of sources and approaches to Pharaonic ancestor ship, an evaluation of Piye's conquest of Egypt and some observations on the debate on Nefertiti.

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