Çatalhöyük Excavations: the 2000-2008 seasons: Çatal Research Project vol. 7 [Hardback]

Ian Hodder (Author)

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ISBN: 9781898249290 | Published by: British Institute at Ankara | Series: British Institute at Ankara Monograph | Volume: 46 | Year of Publication: 2013 | Language: English 300p, 300 figures and 50 tables

Çatalhöyük Excavations: the 2000-2008 seasons


The Neolithic site of Çatalhöyük in Turkey has been world famous since the 1960s when excavations revealed the large size and dense occupation of the settlement, as well as the spectacular wall paintings and reliefs uncovered inside the houses. Since 1993 an international team of archaeologists, led by Ian Hodder, has been carrying out new excavations and research, in order to shed more light on the people who inhabited the site. Çatalhöyük Excavations presents the results of the excavations that took place at the site from 2000 to 2008 when the main aim was to understand the social geography of the settlement, its layout and social organization. Excavation, recording and sampling methodologies are discussed as well as dating, ‘levels’, and the grouping of buildings into social sectors. The excavations in three areas of the East Mound at Çatalhöyük are described: the South Area, the 4040 Area in the northern part of the site, and the IST Area excavated by a team from Istanbul University. The description of excavated units, features and buildings incorporates results from the analyses of animal bone, chipped stone, groundstone, shell, ceramics, phytoliths, micromorphology. The integration of such data within their context allows detailed accounts of the lives of the inhabitants of Çatalhöyük, their relationships and activities. The integration of different types of data in the excavation account mimics the process of collaborative interpretation that took place during the excavation and post-excavation process.

Table of Contents

Introduction and history of research – Ian Hodder
Summary of methods and results – Ian Hodder and Shahina Farid
An interim report on the dating of Çatalhöyük – Alex Bayliss

The South Area excavations
Introduction – Ian Hodder and Shahina Farid
The stratigraphic sequence in the South Area – Shahina Farid
The sequence of Buildings 75, 65, 56, 44 and 10 and associated Spaces 144, 314, 329, 333 and 427 – Roddy Regan and James Taylor
The sequence of Buildings 53 and 42 and associated Spaces 129, 130, 229-305, 319, 339 – Freya Sadarangani
Building 43 – Shahina Farid
Building 50 – Shahina Farid
Building 68 – Roddy Regan and James Taylor
Building 69 – Roddy Regan and James Taylor
The Foundation Trenches for the South shelter – Shahina Farid

The 4040 Area excavations
Introduction – Ian Hodder and Shahina Farid
The excavations zones and stratigraphy of the 4040 Area – Shahina Farid
Building 45 – Lisa Yeomans
Buildings 46 and 48 – Daniel Eddidsford
Buildings 47 and 67 – Michael House
Building 49 – Daniel Eddisford
Buildings 51 and 52 – Shahina Farid
Building 54 – Freya Sadarangani
Building 55 – Lisa Yeomans
Building 57 – Freya Sadarangani
Building 58 – Freya Sadarangani
The sequence of Buildings 59 and 60 – Michael House
Building 64 – Lisa Yeomans
Building 66 – Lisa Yeomans
Building 77 – Michael House
Building 82 – Lisa Yeomans and Shahina Farid
Building 88, Space 309 – Lisa Yeomans
External area - Spaces 60, 133, 279 and Buildings 70 and 71 – Lisa Yeomans and Shahina Farid
External area – Space 226 – Freya Sadarangani
Space 1003 – eroded burials – Lisa Yeomans
The Foundation Trenches for the 4040 shelter – Shahina Farid

The post-Neolithic occupation of the 4040 Area
Building 41 – Lisa Yeomans
Burials – Mark Jackson

The IST Area excavations – Mihriban Özbaşaran and Güneş Duru

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