Broadening Horizons 4: A Conference of young researchers working in the Ancient Near East, Egypt and Central Asia, University of Torino, October 2011 [Paperback]

Giorgio Affanni (Editor); Cristina Baccarin (Editor); Laura Cordera (Editor); Angelo Di Michele (Editor); Katia Gavagnin (Editor)

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ISBN: 9781407313474 | Published by: British Archaeological Reports | Series: BAR S | Volume: 2698 | Year of Publication: 2015 | Language: English 317p, Illustrated throughout in colour and black & white

Broadening Horizons 4


Broadening Horizons is an international congress dedicated to postgraduate students and early-stage researchers working with disciplines in the area of Ancient Near East and Eastern Mediterranean studies. With Broadening Horizons 4 the thematic areas were broadened, opening the congress up to the Central Asia studies. The conference was hosted at Università degli Studi di Torino, from the 25th to the 28th of October 2011. Broadening Horizons 4 was a huge success. A total of seventy-four participants from fifteen countries attended the congress, making it the most successful edition. This volume includes most of papers presented at the congress and the key lecture by St John Simpson. The volume has been arranged according to the sessions: settlement patterns and exchange networks; socio-economic reconstruction of ancient societies based on archaeological, historical or environmental records; application of new technologies in archaeological research; impact of human dynamics on landscape evolution; exploitation of the natural environment and sustenance strategies; and posters. Anyone with an interest in the Ancient Near East, Eastern Mediterranean and Central Asia studies will find much to enjoy and appreciate in this volume.

Table of Contents

"Introduction to the Broadening Horizons 4 Conference Proceedings (Affanni Giorgio, Baccarin Cristina, Cordera Laura, Di Michele Angelo, Gavagnin Katia)
Settlement patterns and exchange network: Copper Mining Community in Transcaucasia during Chalcolithic and Bronze Ages (Gailhard Nicolas)
Circulating through the city: an analysis of movement and urban space of a Northern
Mesopotamian city (Tomé André)
A Comparative Analysis of the Cultural Interaction Between the Western and Central Areas
of Anatolian in the Third Millennium BC (De Vincenzi Tommaso)
The socio-economic landscape of the Early Bronze IV period in the Southern Levant: a
ceramic perspective (D’Andrea Marta)
The Transition from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age in Northern Palestine (Soennecken Katja)
Transferred Religion – Can Faith be exchanged? (Gropp Andrea)
Palmyra, City and Territory through the Epigraphic Sources (Gregoratti Leonardo)
Looking at and beyond Late Chalcolithic Pottery of the Burdur Plain, southwest Turkey (Vandam Ralf - Poblome Jeroen)
Architecture and Use of Space in Middle Bronze and Late Bronze Ages in Mesopotamian
Temples (Di Michele Angelo)
Socio-economic reconstruction of ancient societies based on archaeological, historical or environmental records: Demolition and Restoration at Giza: the Egyptian Sense of History and Heritage (Gilli Barbara)
The Modelling Skulls from the Ancient Near East (Marchand Florine)
The ‘Hammerhead Bowls’ in Syrian-Jezirah: a Case-Study from Tell Barri (Raccidi Mattia)
Wagons and Wine in Early Bronze Age central Anatolia (Whalen Jess)
The Early-Middle Bronze Age transition in Transcaucasia: the Bedeni pottery case (Carminati Eleonora)
Human Iconography on Metal Vessels From Bronze Age Middle Asia (Morello Martina)
The Oracle at Didyma, Hittite duddumar and the mercy of the gods (Walker Robert)
Italian Excavations at Nimrud: Preliminary Studies about Shell, Glass and Stone Small Finds (Somma Lorenzo)
Ceramics from Achaemenid and Post Achaemenid Qaleh Kali (Tappeh Servan, Jinjun), Iran:
Political Reality versus Cultural Actuality (McRae Iona Kat)
Influence of the social class division on the Sassanian burial rituals (224-650 AD) (Farjamirad Mahdokht)
New Sealings from Old Nisa (Manassero Niccolo)
The Islamic relief-moulded jugs from Tell Barri (Syria) (Pappalardo Raffaella)
Investigating the origin of Early Bronze Age monumental chamber tombs in the Middle
Euphrates Valley (Baccarin Cristina)
Application of new technologies in archaeological research: Unlocking stories from objects: Some Ancient Near Eastern case-studies based on new research at the British Museum (Simpson St John)
Inferential analysis in archaeology: the Chi Square and its application to ceramic studies. A
case study from Middle Bronze Age and Late Bronze Age pottery of Qatna (Iamoni Marco)
Organic Remains from Middle Bronze Age Ceramic Vessels at Tell Ahmar (North Syria) (Perini Silvia)
Close Encounters between Archaeology and Archaeometry in Cyprus (Chelazzi Francesca - Davit Patrizia)
Basalt Vessels Distribution in the Southern Levant during the Iron Age (Squitieri Andrea)
Broadening the Horizons of Space and Place. A new interdisciplinary, multiscalar approach
on settlement patterns (Andreou Georgia Marina)
New technologies in archaeological research at Palmyra: the case of the Italian-Syrian
Mission PAL.M.A.I.S. (Palmieri Lilia - Rossi Giorgio)
A Complete Operational Sequence of a Bone Industry Element from the Northern Near East: a Neolithic bevelled tool (Taha Buchra)
Probable cases of leprosy in two skulls from the Koc-Oba Kurgan (Kazakhstan) (Pedrosi Maria Elena - Mariotti Valentina - Belcastro Maria Giovanna)
Impact of human dynamics on landscape evolution: Frontiers and Fortifications in Assyria: an introduction (Morello Nathan)
Exploitation of the natural environment and sustenance strategies: Iron Age Water Supply Systems regarding agriculture at al Madam, Sharjah (U.A.E.) (Del Cerro L. Carmen)
The Jaghjagh river valley during the Roman period (II-IV century CE) (Palermo Rocco)
Posters: Further Remarks about Lithic Production at Akarçay Tepe (Middle Euphrates Valley) during the Late PPNB (Borrell Ferran)
Parthian period storage jars from the south west building in Old Nisa (Ceccarini Giampaolo)
The TESS Database for the Cataloguing of the Mosaics of Crete (Greece) (Da Pieve Paola)
The Defences of Hatra: a Revaluation through the Archive of the Italian Expedition (Foietta Enrico)
A new Assessment of the End of the Oxus Civilization (Southern Central Asia, ca. 1750-1500
/ 1400 BCE): Overview of the Transformations of the Society (Luneau Elise)
Fortification Systems in Central and Lower Mesopotamia Between the Third and the First
Half of the Second Millennium BC: an Overview (Zingarello Melania)"

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