Eastern Mediterranean Metallurgy in the Second Millennium BC [Hardback]

Vasiliki Kassianidou (Editor); George Papasavvas (Editor)

ISBN: 9781842174531 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Year of Publication: 2012 | Language: English 304p, 154 b/w illus, 24 tables

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Eastern Mediterranean Metallurgy in the Second Millennium BC


James D. Muhly is a distinguished scholar with a special interest in ancient metallurgy who has dedicated much of his research to Cypriot archaeology. His work on the metallurgy of ancient Cyprus endorses the true importance of the island as a copper producing region, as well as a pioneer in the development and spread of metallurgy and metalwork in the wider eastern and central Mediterranean region. This volume contains papers from "Eastern Mediterranean Metallurgy and Metalwork in the Second Millennium BC", an international conference organised in Muhly's honour by the University of Cyprus.
Several archaeologists and archaeometallurgists from around the world whose research focuses on the metallurgy of this period in Cyprus and surrounding regions were invited to participate in the conference to compare and contrast the material culture associated with metallurgical workshops and to discuss technological issues and their cultural and archaeological contexts. Some papers are devoted to the metallurgy and metalwork of Cyprus, presenting material from various sites and discussing the production and use of copper in the eastern Mediterranean. Others are dedicated to the Minoan and Aegean metal industry and the connections between Sardinia and Cyprus. Moving eastwards, from Anatolia through the Syro-palestinian coast and Jordan and south to Egypt, papers are presented that discuss Late Bronze Age metallurgy in Alalakh, Ugarit, Faynan, Timna and Qantir. The volume also includes papers on tin and iron.

Table of Contents

Preface (V. Kassianidou and G. Papasavvas)
Reminiscences: working with Jim Muhly (R. Maddin)
1. Late Bronze Age copper production in Cyprus from a mining geologist's perspective (G. Constantinou)
2. Metallurgical production and trade on Bronze Age Cyprus: views and variations (A. B. Knapp)
3. Pyrgos-Mavrorachi in Cypriot metallurgy (M. R. Belgiorno, D. Ferro and D. R. Loepp)
4. Tinker, tailor, farmer, miner: metals in the Late Bronze Age economy at Kalavasos (A. K. South)
5. Standing on ceremony: the metallurgical finds from Maroni-Vournes, Cyprus (R. Doonan, G. Cadogan, and D. Sewell)
6. From regional gateway to Cypriot kingdom. Copper deposits and copper routes in the chora of Paphos (M. Iacovou)
7. The role of the Apliki mine region in the post c. 1400 BC copper production and trade networks in Cyprus and in the wider Mediterranean (N. H. Gale and Z. A. Stos-Gale)
8. ‘Reconstructing’ the Enkomi tombs (British excavations): an instructive exercise (D. Pilides)
9. Metallurgy and metalwork in Enkomi: the early phases (V. Kassianidou)
10. The Enkomi cup: niello versus kuwano (A. Giumlia-Mair)
11. Profusion of Cypriot copper abroad, dearth of bronzes at home: reflections on a paradox in Late Bronze Age Cyprus (G. Papasavvas)
12. Cyprus and Crete: the transformation of the Minoan metalworking industry (P. Betancourt)
13. Metallurgy and metalworking in the harbour town of Knossos at Poros-Katsambas (N. Dimopoulou)
14. Cyprus and Sardinia, beyond the oxhide ingots (F. Lo Schiavo)
15. On the cessation of local copper production in the Aegean in the 2nd millennium BC (Y. Bassiakos and T. Tselios)
16. Late Bronze Age Alalakh and Cyprus: a relationship of metals? (A. K. Yener)
17. The evidence for metallurgical workshops of the 2nd millennium in Ugarit (E. Dardaillon)
18. The merchants of Ugarit: oligarchs of the Late Bronze Age trade in metals? (C. Bell)
19. A unique casting mould from the new excavations at Timna Site 30 (Israel): evidence of western influence? (E. Ben-Yosef)
20. New perspectives on Iron Age copper production and society in the Faynan region, Jordan (T. Levy, E. Ben-Yosef and M. Najjar)
21. Alloying and resource management in New Kingdom Egypt: the bronze industry at Qantir – Pi-Ramesse and its relationship to Egyptian copper sources (T. Rehren and E. B. Pusch)
22. On ancient tin, its sources and trade: further comments (V. C. Pigott)
23. Just a few rusty bits: the innovation of iron in the Eastern Mediterranean in the 2nd and 1st millennia BC (H. A. Veldhuijzen)

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