Du Mont Liban Aux Sierras Despagne: Sols, Eau et Societes en Montagne - Autour du Projet Franco-Libanais Cedre Nahr Ibrahim [Paperback]

Romana Harfouche (Editor); Pierre Poupet (Editor)

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ISBN: 9781784911355 | Published by: Archaeopress Archaeology | Year of Publication: 2015 | Language: English 286p, b/w illus

Du Mont Liban Aux Sierras Despagne


Soil and water management is a major stake for the current Mediterranean countries. It was also an important challenge for past societies, especially since the Neolithic and the early well-established farming communities. the mastery of these vital resources accompanied the complexification of social organization. It also widely contributed, if not to impulse it, at least to structure it. This volume presents the results of the CEDRE multidisciplinary project NAHR IBRAHIM that was led on the Lebanese mountain centered around the Nahr Ibrahim valley (the famous Adonis valley in Antiquity), in the hinterland of the ancient city of Byblos. the mountain has been under-researched by archaeology and history due to the attractiveness of the prestigious coastal phoenician cities. The history of settlement patterns and the construction of agricultural mountainous landscapes since the Early Bronze Age is examined with comparisons from other regions surrounding the Mediterranean Basin.

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