Islam & the Middle East

The world of Islam from its seventh century beginnings expanding westwards to Spain and eastwards throughout the Near East to India and central Asia, covering art and architecture, history, archaeology, religion and philosophy

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  1. Routledge Handbook on Jerusalem

    Routledge Handbook on Jerusalem [Hardback]

    Suleiman A. Mourad (Editor); Bedross Der Matossian (Editor); Naomi Koltun-Fromm (Editor)

    Regular Price: £165.00

    Special Price: £135.00

    ISBN: 9781138936935
    Published by : Routledge
    Few cities around the world transcend their physical boundaries the way Jerusalem does. As the spiritual capital of monotheism, Jerusalem has ancient roots and legacies that have imposed themselves on and accompanied its inhabitants throughout the... .... Learn More
  2. The Royal Mounds of A'ali in Bahrain

    The Royal Mounds of A'ali in Bahrain: The Emergence of Kingship in Early Dilmun [Hardback]

    Steffen Terp Laursen (Author); Gianni Terp Laursen (Other); Jesper Olsen (Other); Thomas Olsen (Other)


    ISBN: 9788793423169
    Published by : Aarhus University Press
    Series: Jutland Archaeological Society Publications
    Volume: 100
    The Royal Mounds of A’ali in Bahrain has long been shrouded in mystery and suspected to be the final resting place of the Bronze Age kings of Dilmun. Puzzled by their great size explorers and professional archaeologists have for hundreds of years ... .... Learn More
  3. Islam

    Islam: An Illustrated Journey [Hardback]

    Farhad Daftary (Author); Zulfikar Hirji (Author)


    ISBN: 9781898592358
    Published by : Azimuth Editions
    Beginning in the world of late antiquity and the pre-Islamic period, the book takes the reader through Islam’s formative era and early development in the Arabian Peninsula, the rise and decline of major Muslim dynasties and finally into its place ... .... Learn More
  4. A History of Muslim Sicily

    A History of Muslim Sicily [Paperback]

    Leonard Chiarelli (Author)


    ISBN: 9789993276456
    Published by : Midsea Books
    The book, now in it’s second revised edition, covers the period of Muslim Arab rule on the island from A.D. 827 to the Norman conquest in A.D. 1070. It is the first detailed study in English covering the various aspects of this 243-year period. It... .... Learn More
  5. Between Christ and Caliph: Law, Marriage, and Christian Community in Early Islam

    Between Christ and Caliph: Law, Marriage, and Christian Community in Early Islam [Hardback]

    Lev E. Weitz (Author)

    Regular Price: £54.00

    Special Price: £36.00

    ISBN: 9780812250275
    Published by : University of Pennsylvania Press
    Series: Divinations: Rereading Late Ancient Religion
    In the conventional historical narrative, the medieval Middle East was composed of autonomous religious traditions, each with distinct doctrines, rituals, and institutions. Outside the world of theology, however, and beyond the walls of the mosque... .... Learn More
  6. Mázandarán and Astarábád

    Mázandarán and Astarábád [Paperback]

    H. L. Rabino (Author); Charles Melville (Author)


    ISBN: 9781909724921
    Published by : Gibb Memorial Trust
    Mázandarán and Astarábád was first published as volume VII of the new series of the E.J.W. Gibb Memorial Series (1928). Much of the data was retrieved in the course of two expeditions by the author, one in spring of 1908 and the other between Nove... .... Learn More
  7. Palmyra after Zenobia AD 273-750

    Palmyra after Zenobia AD 273-750: An Archaeological and Historical Reappraisal [Hardback]

    Emanuele E. Intagliata (Author)


    ISBN: 9781785709425
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    This book casts light on a much neglected phase of the UNESCO world heritage site of Palmyra, namely the period between the fall of the Palmyrene ‘Empire’ (AD 272) and the end of the Umayyad dominion (AD 750). The goal of the book is to fill a ... .... Learn More
  8. Album of Armenian Paleography

    Album of Armenian Paleography [Hardback]

    Michael Stone (Author); Dickran Kouymjian (Author); Henning Lehmann (Author)


    ISBN: 9788772885568
    Published by : Aarhus University Press
    Provides a comprehensive selection of some 200 definitively dated, hand-written texts, sampled from among the 30,000 manuscripts preserved in the major public collections of Europe, the Middle East, the former USSR and North America. Selected spec... .... Learn More
  9. Charles Masson and the Buddhist Sites of Afghanistan

    Charles Masson and the Buddhist Sites of Afghanistan: Explorations, Excavations, Collections 1832-1835 [Paperback]

    Elizabeth Errington (Author)


    ISBN: 9780861592159
    Published by : British Museum Press
    Series: British Museum Research Publication
    Volume: 215
    From 1833–8, Charles Masson (1800–1853) was employed by the British East India Company to explore the ancient sites in south-east Afghanistan. During this period, he surveyed over a hundred sites around Kabul, Jalalabad and Wardak, making numerous... .... Learn More
  10. Hajj

    Hajj: Global Interactions through Pilgrimage [Hardback]

    Luitgard Mols (Editor); Marjo Buitelaar (Editor)


    ISBN: 9789088904776
    Published by : Sidestone Press
    Series: Mededelingen van het Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde
    Volume: 43
    Every year, in the last month of the Islamic calendar, millions of Muslims from around the world come together in Mecca to perform the Hajj, the pilgrimage that all capable Muslims should perform at least once in their lives. In 2013, the National... .... Learn More

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