Fārs-nāma of Ibnu l-Balkhī [Paperback]

G. Le Strange (Author); Reynold A. Nicholson (Author)

ISBN: 9781909724662 | Published by: Gibb Memorial Trust | Series: Gibb Memorial Trust Persian Studies | Year of Publication: 2014 | Language: English/Persian 240p, H210 x W149 (mm)

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Fārs-nāma of Ibnu l-Balkhī


This description of the province of Fars, was written around the beginning of the 12th century A.D. The author cites his qualifications for it "I was well acquainted with the present condition of the people of Fars ... being well versed also in the events of their history and exactly acquainted with the story of their kings and rulers." This is a reprint of the edition of 1952.

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