Argentine Workers: Peronism and Contemporary Class Consciousness [Paperback]

Peter Ranis (Author)

ISBN: 9780822985402 | Published by: University of Pittsburgh Press | Series: Pitt Latin American Series | Year of Publication: 1992 | Language: English 332p, H230 x W150 (mm)

Argentine Workers


Argentine Workers provides an insightful analysis of the complex combination of values and attitudes exhibited by workers in a heavily unionized, industrially developing country, while also ascertaining their political beliefs. By analyzing empirical data, Ranis describes what workers think about their unions, employers, private and foreign enterprise, the economy, the state, privatization, landowners, politics, the military, the \u201cdirty war\u201d and the \u201cdisappeared,\u201d the Montonero guerillas, the church, popular culture and leisure pursuits, and their personal lives and ambitions.

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