Armes, Armement et Contexte Funéraire dans la Macédoine Hellénistique: Avec un appendice sur les trouvailles d’armes relatives à l’archaïsme et aux débuts de l’époque classique en Macédoine & sur ses confins [Hardback]

Pierre O. Juhel (Author); Dorota Sakowicz (Author); Paul Morillon (Author)

ISBN: 9788375311822 | Published by: Akanthina | Year of Publication: 2017 | Language: French 105p, H297 x W210 (mm) b/w illustrations

Armes, Armement et Contexte Funéraire dans la Macédoine Hellénistique


This work (in French) constitutes an exhaustive catalogue raisonné of weapons, in tabular form, found in funerary contexts throughout the territory of Ancient Macedonia in the Hellenistic period. The results shed a new light not only on the weaponry of the ancient Macedonians but more broadly on the history of Ancient Macedon. Juhel contrasts the situation in the Archaic and Classical periods, where arms are more plentiful in an extensive appendix, divided into three parts. The first gathers material listed in Arkheologikon Deltion (59-68), the second ( 69-75) material assembled from other sources. In the third the concludes that the state took over the role of supplying weapons, and discusses the role of Alexander I Philhellenos as a founder of the Macedonian army. This work is invaluable research tool to anybody pursuing research into the Macedonian army, or, indeed, into any aspect of ancient Macedonia. The catalogue is richly illustrated (pp. 84-93) with 37 figures, some in colour, and two colour maps inside the covers.

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