The Archaeology of Etruscan Society [Hardback]

Vedia Izzet (Author)

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ISBN: 9780521858779 | Published by: Cambridge University Press | Year of Publication: 2007 | Language: English 320p, b/w illus

The Archaeology of Etruscan Society


Oxbow says: The late 6th century was a period of great change in Etruscan society, but these changes are much more ingrained within Etruscan society itself, than being merely due to contact with the Greeks and their 'superior' culture. Here, Vedia Izzet re-considers aspects of Etruscan material culture, examining the cognitive structures which ordered the Etruscan cultural enivronment. In particular, Izzet examines changes in the surface treatment and form of material culture, arguing that this is an attempt to articulate difference within society - 'surface encloses and demarcates an object not only in its physical form, but also as a social, cultural and ideational entity'. Her discussion begins with mirrors, raising issues of personal identity and body image, and moves on to funerary architecture and sanctuaries where she looks at communal ritual activites, the appearance of temples and the form and decoration of tombs and temples. Chapters on domestic architecture, both public and priave, and the urban space, follow. Finally the book reflects on how this shift in the ways in which Etruscans saw themselves and chose to differentiate themselves from others and display their unique identity, is placed in a Mediterranean context.

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