Pseira III: The Plateia Building [Hardback]

Cheryl Floyd (Author)

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ISBN: 9780924171604 | Published by: INSTAP Academic Press (Institute for Aegean Prehistory) | Year of Publication: 1998 | Language: English 329p, 21 b/w pls, 47 b/w figs

Pseira III


This third volume in the series of publications on the Minoan site of Pseira focuses on the Plateia building discovered in 1986. This report on the findings includes an introduction to the project, followed by a detailed discussion of the architecture and small finds: pottery, stone tools, terracotta objects, sealstones, shell artefacts, faunal remains, charcoal, lithics, plaster and so on. This database of evidence allows an interpretation of the function of the buildings, the residential, cult and industrial activities, and its relationship to the Plateia itself.

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