Rhadamanthys: Studi di archeologia minoica in onore di Filippo Carinci per il suo 70° compleanno/Studies in Minoan archaeology in honour of Filippo Carinci on the occasion of his 70th birthday [Paperback]

Giorgia Baldacci (Editor); Ilaria Caloi (Editor)

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ISBN: 9781407315331 | Published by: British Archaeological Reports | Year of Publication: 2018 | Language: English 328p,



This book gathers together 33 original papers, in Italian and in English, which bring a variety of approaches and perspectives to the Minoan archaeology of Crete, including also the Neolithic period and the beginning of the Early Iron Age. Some of the papers present fresh evidence or materials, while others contribute to ongoing debates with new interpretations. The range of the themes touched by the authors is wide: architecture, iconography, pottery production, landscape and territory, absolute and relative chronology, scripts, cultural relations, funerary practices, collecting and modern reception of the Minoan past. Many contributions focus on Phaistos, seat of the legendary kingdom of Rhadamanthys, and Haghia Triada, the sites to which Filippo Carinci devoted his research activity. As a whole, the volume is essential, up-to-date reading both for scholars interested in the prehistory of the island of Crete and for those working on the Bronze Age of other parts of the Aegean. 20 papers in Italian, 13 in English.

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