Early Hominids & Human Evolution

The study of human origins: evolution, early hominids, neanderthals, homo sapiens.

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  1. Ardipithecus kadabba

    Ardipithecus kadabba [Hardback]

    Yohannes Haile-Selassie (Author); Giday WoldeGabriel (Author)

    Regular Price: £66.00

    Special Price: £14.95

    ISBN: 9780520254404
    Published by : University of California Press
    The second volume in a series dedicated to fossil discoveries made in the Afar region of Ethiopia, this work contains the definitive description of the geological context and paleoenvironment of the early hominid Ardipithecus kadabba. This res... .... Learn More
  2. Peninj

    Peninj: A Research Project on Human Origins (1995-2005) [Hardback]

    Manuel Dominguez-Rodrigo (Author); Luis Alcalá (Author); Luis Luque (Author)


    ISBN: 9781842173824
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    Series: American School of Prehistoric Research Monograph
    The Early Pleistocene sediments of Peninj, west of Lake Natron (Tanzania), contain a wealth of archaeological and paleontological sites formed during the emergence of the genus Homo and the extinction of the last australopithecines. Peninj ha... .... Learn More
  3. Link

    Link [Hardback]

    Colin Tudge (Author)

    Regular Price: £25.99

    Special Price: £7.95

    ISBN: 9780316070089
    Published by : Little, Brown and Company
    An accessible account of the discovery and analysis of Ida, an astonishingly complete 47 million year old primate fossil, and its implications for human evolution. .... Learn More
  4. European Visions

    European Visions [Paperback]

    Kim Sloan (Author)


    ISBN: 9780861591725
    Published by : British Museum Press
    Series: British Museum Research Publication
    Volume: 172
    John White's watercolours of the flora, fauna and North Carolina Algonquians he encountered on the expedition sent by Walter Raleigh in 1585 are some of the greatest treasures of the British Museum; engraved by Theodor de Bry in 1590 to illustr... .... Learn More
  5. Finding Our Tongues

    Finding Our Tongues: Mothers, Infants and the Origins of Language [Hardback]

    Dean Falk (Author)

    Regular Price: £17.99

    Special Price: £6.95

    ISBN: 9780465002191
    Published by : Basic Books
    Scientists have long theorized that abstract, symbolic thinking evolved to help humans negotiate such classically male activities as hunting, tool making, and warfare, and eventually developed into spoken language. In Finding Our Tongues, Dean Fal... .... Learn More
  6. A view to a kill

    A view to a kill [Paperback]

    G. L. Dusseldorp (Author)


    ISBN: 9789088900204
    Published by : Sidestone Press
    The sophistication of Neanderthal behavioural strategies have been the subject of debate from the moment of their recognition as a separate species of hominin in 1856. This book presents a study on Neanderthal foraging prowess. Novel ethnograph... .... Learn More
  7. In Search of a Language for the Mind-Brain

    In Search of a Language for the Mind-Brain: Can the Multiple Perspectives be Unified? [Paperback]

    Ocke-Schewn Bohn (Author); Albert Gjedde (Author); Anjum Saleemi (Author)


    ISBN: 9788779340053
    Published by : Aarhus University Press
    What is human nature? How is language related to thought - and should the connection be investigated socially or biologically? Is external reality coherent or fragmented? What, if any, are the foundations of rationality, and how trustworthy are... .... Learn More
  8. Miss Layard Excavates

    Miss Layard Excavates: the Palaeolithic site at Foxhall Road, Ipswich, 1903-1905 [Hardback]

    Mark White (Author); Steven Plunkett (Author)

    Regular Price: £48.00

    Special Price: £9.95

    ISBN: 9780953541881
    Published by : Western Academic & Specialist Press
    Between 1903 and 1905 Miss Nina Frances Layard conducted exemplary excavations of an outstanding Palaeolithic site on plateau gravels above Ipswich. Here, Palaeolithic humans gathered around the edges of an erstwhile lake and/or river, leaving ... .... Learn More
  9. Human Paleoecology in the Levantine Corridor

    Human Paleoecology in the Levantine Corridor [Paperback]

    Naama Goren-Inbar (Author); John D. Speth (Author)


    ISBN: 9781842171554
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    Few areas of the world have played as prominent a role in human evolution as the Levantine Corridor, a comparatively narrow strip of land sandwiched between the Mediterranean Sea on the west and the expanse of inhospitable desert to the east. The ... .... Learn More
  10. Neanderthals and Modern Humans in the European Landscape during the Last Glaciation

    Neanderthals and Modern Humans in the European Landscape during the Last Glaciation: Archaeological results of The Stage 3 Project [Hardback]

    Tjeerd Van Andel (Author); Tjeerd H. Van Andel (Author); William Davies (Author)


    ISBN: 9781902937212
    Published by : McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
    What role did Ice Age climate play in the demise of the Neanderthals, and why was it that modern humans alone survived? For the past seven years a team of international experts from a wide range of disciplines have worked together to provide a ... .... Learn More

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