Ceremonial Living in the Third Millennium BC: Excavations at Ringlemere Site M1, Kent, 2002–2006 [Paperback]

Keith Parfitt (Author); Stuart Needham (Author)

ISBN: 9780861592173 | Published by: British Museum Press | Series: British Museum Research Publications | Volume: 217 | Year of Publication: 2020 | Language: English 200p, H297 x W210 (mm) 120

Ceremonial Living in the Third Millennium BC


The discovery in 2001 of an exquisite Early Bronze Age gold cup at Ringlemere Farm in Kent prompted an extensive survey and excavation of the site from 2002–2006. Excavation revealed a site with a long history of use, the most striking evidence being for intensive activity in the third millennium BC associated with a henge monument, the interior of which was later buried beneath an Early Bronze Age mound. This volume presents a detailed report on a rich array of structural and artefactual evidence spanning a few thousand years of prehistory, and the site’s subsequent slide into agricultural anonymity. Late Neolithic to Early Bronze Age structures include a horseshoe setting, post alignments, hearths, pit clusters and varied small post settings. Evaluation of form and associated material culture steers interpretation away from the purely domestic and contributes to the keen ongoing debate about the place of ceremony in the world of third millennium Britain.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction (Keith Parfitt)  
Chapter 2: Pre-mound land surface, associated structures and activity (Stuart Needham and Keith Parfitt)
Chapter 3: Enclosure and Mound (Stuart Needham and Keith Parfitt)
Chapter 4: Post-mound: cultivation, cemetery, land demarcation and warren (Keith Parfitt and Stuart Needham)
Chapter 5: The finds, environmental and dating evidence (Frances Healy, Alex Gibson, Nigel Macpherson-Grant, Gill Varndell, Ralph Jackson, Rob Ixer, Jen Heathcote, Wendy Carruthers, Louise Martin and Paul Linford)
Chapter 6: Phasing the site sequence (Stuart Needham and Keith Parfitt)
Chapter 7: Ceremonial living in the third millennium BC (Stuart Needham) Bibliography Index

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