Technology in Archaeology [Hardback]

Mikkel Sorensen (Author)

ISBN: 9788776020934 | Published by: Aarhus University Press | Year of Publication: 2008 | Language: English 205p, illustrations throughout.

Technology in Archaeology


Proceedings of a 2005 Copenhagen workshop on the study of technology as a means of gaining insight into social and cultural aspects of Prehistory. The papers range across palaeolithic and mesolithic topics and are concerned with material from various sites in Scandinavia and north west Europe, and in experimental and theoretical approaches to its understanding and interpretation.

Contents: Mikkel Sorensen & Pierre Desrosiers, Foreword; Pierre Desrosiers & Mikkel Sorensen, Introduction; Lykke Johansen & Dick Stapert, Stone Age Kids and their Stones; Farina Sternke, Towards an Integrated Approach to the Study of European Late Middle Pleistocene Lithic Technology; Claire Houmard, Antler exploitation at Laugerie-Basse: a typo-technological approach of the Magdalenian artefacts from the abri classique ; Mara-Julia Weber, Technological traditions in the Late Glacial: the relationship between the Hamburgian and the Magdalenian; Kristoffer Buck Pedersen, Site variability and chaîne opératoire . Describing late Palaeolithic settlement intensity; Mikkel Sorensen, Spatial Analysis by Dynamic Technological Classification: a Case Study from the Palaeolithic / Mesolithic transition in Scandinavia; Yves Perdaen, Philippe Crombé & Joris Sergant, Redefining the Mesolithic: Technological research in Sandy Flanders (Belgium) and its implication for North-western Europe; Lotte Eigeland, Technology of the Heart - The Chaîne Opératoire concept and six lithic assemblages from the South-Eastern Norwegian Late Mesolithic; Kim Darmark & Jan Apel, The Dogma of Immaculate Perception. An experimental study of bifacial arrowheads and a contribution to the discussion on the relationship between personal experience and formalised analysis in experimental archaeology; Ulla Isabel Zagal-Mach, Transitions in Craft traditions (TCT) A theoretical discussion of a research strategy.

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