Rock Art Studies: News of the World I [Paperback]

Paul Bahn (Author)

ISBN: 9781900188210 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Year of Publication: 1997 | Language: English 229p, with numerous figures

Rock Art Studies


Essays on recent developments and recent discoveries in Rock Art research around the world, based on the proceedings of the 1995 Rock Art conference held in Italy. This is the third in the five-yearly surveys of what is happening in rock art studies around the world, which builds upon the exciting contributions made in the first two volumes of this series. As always, the texts reflect something of the great differences in approach and emphasis that exist in different regions. The volume presents examples from Europe, Asia, Africa and the New Wrld. During the period in question, 2000 to 2004, there have been few major events, although in the field of Pleistocene art many new discoveries have been made, and new country added to the select list of those with Ice Age cave art. Some regions such as North Africa and the former USSR have seen a tremendous amount of activity, focusing not only on recording but also on chronology, and the accesible to the public is a theme of ever-growing importance, with some significant and interesting research undertaken on the impacts of visitors and how to measure and monitor those impacts. The research described in this book contributes to our ever increasing knowledge of this fascinating component of the human past.

Table of Contents

1. New developments in Pleistocene art, 2000-2004 (Paul G. Bahn)
2. Rock art studies in Northernmost Europe, 2000-2004 (Joakim Goldhahn)
3. The postglacial art of the Iberian Peninsula, 2000-2004 (Primitiva Bueno Ramirez and Rodrigo de Balbin Behrmann)
4. What's new in the Sahara, 2000-2004? (Jean-Loic Le Quellec)
5. Rock art research in Egypt, 2000-2004 (Jean-Loic Le Quellec and Dirk Huyge)
6. Rock art research in southern Africa, 2000-2004 (Jean-Loic Le Quellec)
7. Legacy of rock art studies in Saudi Arabia (Majeed Khan)
8. Rock art studies in Northern Russian and the Far East, 2000-2004 (Ekaterina Devlet)
9. Rock art research in Siberia and Central Asia, 2000-2004 (Elena Miklashevich)
10. Rock art research in the Far East, 2000-2004 (Su Sheng)
11. Rock art in Australia, 2000-2004: Research, management and conservation (Natalie Franklin)
12. What is new in Polynesian rock art research? (Sidsel millerstrom)
13. North American rock art research, 2000-2004 (William D. Hyder)
14. Rock art research in Canada: A brief history and update (Jack Steinbring)
15. Rock art research in West and Northern Mexico, 2000-2004 (Carlos Viramontes, Maria de la Luz Gutierrez, William Breen Murray and Francisco Mendiola)
16. Rock art Research in Eastern Mesoamerica and Lower Central America, 2000-2004 (Martin Kunne)
17. Rock art investigations in south Ecuador 9Diego Gonzalez Ojeda)
18. New research into rock art in Peru, 2000-2004 (Jean Guffroy)
19. Rock art studies in Bolivia, 2000-2004 (Matthias Strecker)
20. Rock art research in Brazil, 2000-2004: A critical evaluation (Loredana Ribeiro and Andre Prous 21: Art on the rocks: Argentina, 2000-2004 (Danae Fiore)

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