EAA 80: Arton Bendish and Caldecote: Fieldwork in South West Norfolk [Paperback]

Andrew Rogerson (Author); Alan Davison (Author); David Pritchard (Author); Robert Silvester (Author)

ISBN: 9780905594217 | Published by: East Anglian Archaeology | Series: East Anglian Archaeology Monograph | Volume: 80 | Year of Publication: 1997 | Language: English 96p, 11 b/w pls, 34 b/w figs, 10 tables

EAA 80: Arton Bendish and Caldecote


This volume offers three papers detailing the results of projects in south-west Norfolk: firstly an extensive one-man fieldwalking survey of Barton Bendish parish; secondly, an area excavation within Barton Bendish; thirdly, a very detailed one-man fieldwalking survey of 6.5 hectares in one field. The surveys provided a diverse range and quality of surface scatter evidence, which in conjunction with historical sources, provide a sound basis for the understanding of human settlement and land use patterns in Barton Bendish feom the Iron Age to the seventeenth century. In addition, the two fieldwalking programmes, close geographically but very different in scale and intensity, make an interesting contrast in both methodology and results when presented side by side.

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