Astronomical Traditions in Past Cultures [Paperback]

Vesselina Koleva (Author); Dimiter Kolev (Author)

ISBN: 9789549013313 | Published by: Ocarina Books | Year of Publication: 1996 | Language: English 185p, diagrams

Astronomical Traditions in Past Cultures


This volume is the proceedings of a conference held in Smolyan, Bulgaria in August-September 1993, which brought together European archaeoastronomers for the first time under the auspices of the European Society of Astronomy in Culture (SEAC). The various papers examine the relationship between archaeoastronomy, field methodology and ancient cosmology. Contributors include José Barrios, Vladimir Dermendjiev, Roslyn M. Frank, Stanis?aw Iwaniszewski, Vesselina Koleva, Arnold Lebeuf, Penka Muglova, Breen Murray, Clive Ruggles, Wolfhard Schlosser, Elbieta Siarkiewicz, Florin Stanescu, Alexei Stoev, and Francis Warther. The volume was originally published by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria.

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