At the Dawn of History: Ancient Near Eastern Studies in Honour of J. N. Postgate [Hardback]

Martin Worthington (Editor); Adam N. Stone (Editor)

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At the Dawn of History: Ancient Near Eastern Studies in Honour of J. N. Postgate


Nearly 50 students, colleagues, and friends of Nicholas Postgate join in tribute to an Assyriologist and Archaeologist who has had a profound influence on both disciplines. His work and scholarship are strongly felt in Iraq, where he was the Director of the British School of Archaeology, in the United Kingdom, where he is Emeritus Professor of Assyriology in the University of Cambridge, and in the subject internationally. He has fostered close collaboration with colleagues in Turkey and Iraq, where he has been involved in archaeological investigation, always seeking to meld the study of texts with that of material remains. The essays embrace the full range of Postgate’s interests, including government and administration, art history, population studies, the economy, religion and divination, foodstuffs, ceramics, and Akkadian and Sumerian language—in a word, all of ancient Mesopotamian civilisation.

Table of Contents

Editors' Preface
Nicholas Postgate's Publications
A Fragment of a Stele from Umma Lamia Al-Gailani Werr
In the Shade of the Assyrian Orchards Marie-Françoise Besnier
The ?u-Suen Year 9 sa2-du11 ku5-ra2 Flour Dossier from Puzri?-Dagan Robert Biggs
To Eat Like a God: Religion and Economy in Old Babylonian Nippur Nicole Brisch
Remarks on the Earliest History of Horoscopy David Brown
A Ceramic Assemblage of the Early Literate Periods from Sumer Daniel Calderbank and Jane Moon
Stolen, Not Given? María Dolores Casero Chamorro
Are We Any Closer to Establishing How Many Sumerians per Hectare? Recent Approaches to Understanding the Spatial Dynamics of Populations in Ancient Mesopotamian Cities Carlo Colantoni
New Perspectives on 'Early Mesopotamia' Harriet Crawford
Of Arches, Vaults and Domes Stephanie Dalley
Ethnicity in the Assyrian Empire: A View from the Nisbe, (III) "Arameans" and Related Tribalists Frederick Mario Fales
Instruktionen Tukult?-Ninurtas I Helmut Freydank
Gods, Temples, and Cult at the Service of the Early Hittite State Marie-Henriette Gates
The Ending of the Çineköy Inscription David Hawkins
A New Palatial Ware or a Case of Imitation of Egyptian Pottery? The Brownish Red Slip (BRS) from Qatna and Its Signi cance
within the Northern Levantine Ceramic Tradition of the Mid-Second Millennium BC Marco Iamoni
Building on the Past: Gertrude Bell and the Transformation of Space in the Karada? Mark Jackson
Studies in the Lexicon of Neo-Aramaic Geoffrey Khan
The Temple of Salm?nu at D?r-Katlimmu, Nergal of Hub?alum, and Nergal-ere? Hartmut Kühne
Between Slavery and Freedom Mogens Trolle Larsen
The King and His Army Mario Liverani
Two Middle Assyrian Delivery Notes from the British Museum's Tablet Collection Jeanette C. Fincke and Jaume Llop-Raduà
The Governors of Halzi-atbari in the Neo-Assyrian Period Mikko Luukko
Never The Same River Twice: The Göksu Valley Through the Ages Naoíse Mac Sweeney and Tevfik Emre ?erifo?lu
Piecing the Jigsaw Harriet Martin
A Palace for the King of Ere?? Evidence from the Early Dynastic City of Abu Salabikh, South Iraq Roger Matthews And Wendy Matthews
How Many Sumerians Does It Take to Put Out the Rubbish? Augusta McMahon
Volume 2
The Location of Ras?appa Simo Parpola
Making Fire in Uruk-Period Abu Salabikh Susan Pollock
A Neo-Assyrian Legal Document from Tell Sitak Karen Radner
The Assyrian Palace at Nabi Yunus, Nineveh Julian Reade
The Socio-Economics of Cuneiform Scholarship after the 'End of Archives': Views from Borsippa and Uruk Eleanor Robson
Eine Königskette im Heiligtum der I?tar von Assur Ursula Seidl
On the Tablet Trail: Herdsmen's Employment for Royal Wives in the Ur III Period T. M. Sharlach
An Expedition of King Shalmaneser I and Prince Tukult?-Ninurta to Carchemish Daisuke Shibata
The Role of Stimulants in Early Near Eastern Society: Insights through Artifacts and Texts Diana Stein
An Estimate of the Population of the City of Umma in Ur III Times Piotr Steinkeller
How Many Mesopotamians per Hectare? Elizabeth C. Stone
The Terminology for Times of the Day in Akkadian Michael P. Streck
'Counter-Archaeology': Putting the Ur III Drehem Archives Back in the Ground Christina Tsouparopoulou
Meaning in Perspective: Some Akkadian Terms for 'Foundation'? -u??u,temennu,i?du,duru??u- Johanna Tudeau
Nergal-et?ir's Correspondence in the Light of BM 30205, and a Preliminary Edition of BM 36543, another Fragmentary Neo-Assyrian Letter in the Babylon Collection of the British Museum Greta Van Buylaere
Seven Debt-Notes of Anatolians from Ancient Kanesh Klaas R. Veenhof
Oracle Bones at the Sichuan University Museum Xianhua Wang and Changhong Chen
Association of the Dog with Healing Power in Mesopotamia Chikako E. Watanabe
Ugaritic Military Terms in the Light of Comparative Linguistics Wilfred G. E. Watson
Tabal and the Limits of Assyrian Imperialism Mark Weeden
Ein dritter Backstein mit der großen Inschrift des Königs Takil-ilissu von Malgûm und der Tonnagel des Ipiq-I?tar Claus Wilcke
Assur among the Gods of Urartu Paul Zimansky
Some Bronze Stamp Seals of Achaemenid Date Dominique Collon and John Curtis
Assyrians after the Fall: Evidence from the Ebabbar of Sippar John MacGinnis
Prayer and Praise in the City of Assur Frances Reynolds

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