Bannockburn 1314-2014: Battle and Legacy [Hardback]

Michael Penman (Editor)

ISBN: 9781907730504 | Published by: Paul Watkins | Year of Publication: 2016 | Language: English 272p, col pls

Bannockburn 1314-2014: Battle and Legacy


Over two days at midsummer 1314 the Scots made a dramatic advance in their reassertion of independence from England in a major defeat of the army led by Edward II; with the same stroke the Scots' leader, Robert Bruce, undeniably rendered his usurper kingship over the Scots as both credible and the stuff of legend. At the 700th anniversary of the battle in 2014 a conference was held at Stirling University for scholars to review not only the events and controversies of 1314 but also the role which Bannockburn has played in Scottish life since that day. The papers presented here bring fresh historical, archaeological and environmental perspectives to the study of the battle and its medieval impact, as well as to the numerous literary, artistic, commemorative, heritage and historiographical contributions which have reflected on that famous encounter down to the present. The contributors are Michael Penman, David H. Caldwell, Andrew Ayton, David Simpkin, Tony Pollard, Alasdair Ross, Richard Tipping, Peter Yeoman, Sarah Tolmie, John Morrison, Andrew P. K. Wright and Edward J. Cowan.

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