Datasheets 1-24 (Finds Research Group) [Paperback]

Lauren Gilmour (Author)

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Published by: Finds Research Group 700-1700 | Language: English 120p, with drawings

Datasheets 1-24 (Finds Research Group)


Back in 1980, I produced 4 pages of notes on Anglo-Saxon shields and what could be deduced about their construction; ambitiously labelled a Data Sheet, it was designed as a quick statement of known facts rather than a formal publication. When the Finds Research Group was formed in 1985, they continued the idea with occasional sets of notes on objects written by and circulated to their members. Now reprinted all together, they form an extremely useful statement of what is known about a wide range of late Saxon, Medieval and post-Medieval small objects: candlesticks, cloth seals, horseshoes, thimbles, aqamaniles, tumbrels, antler moulds, dice, stirrups, and stirrup mounts and so on.

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