Roman Nottinghamshire [Paperback]

Mark Patterson (Author)

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ISBN: 9781907869129 | Published by: Five Leaves Publications | Year of Publication: 2011 | Language: English 297p, col and b/w illus

Roman Nottinghamshire


Nottinghamshire, at first glance, might seem a strange choice for a regional study of Roman Britain - there are none of the famous monuments which adorn other counties, such as Hadrian's Wall, Verulamium, or Wroxeter, and indeed very little survives above ground. Mark Patterson, however, believes that the county's Roman past deserves to be better known, and here presents an exhaustive but accessible synthesis of archaeolgical work which sheds more light on the subject. Accompanied by plentiful plans and photographs Patterson describes the various excavations which have taken place, and traces the development both of our knowledge of Nottinghamshire's Roman sites, and of wider debates on the nature of Roman rule in Britain. Villas, Margidunum in particular, and the Fosse Way take centre stage, but Patterson does not neglect the impact of Rome on the lives of ordinary Britons, and examines such evidence as we have for those towards the bottom of the socio-economic spectrum.

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