Panorama of the Classical World [Paperback]

Nigel Jonathan Spivey (Author)

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ISBN: 9780500287712 | Published by: Thames and Hudson | Year of Publication: 2004 | Language: English 368p, 400 col and 190 b/w illus

Panorama of the Classical World


If you are after an intellgent, amiable and well-turned out companion to the classical world, then this beautifully illustrated and presented book is perfect. Avoiding the chronological format that is usual in this type of broad survey, this panorama adopts a thematic approach, looking at how men and women lived their lives and constructed the world around them for over a thousand years. The scholarly yet accessible narrative is supported by many colour photographs of Greek and Roman works of art, of buildings and ruins, portraits and artefacts, as well as numerous extracts from contemporary sources, all of which are used to illuminate human behaviour. The study is built around the following themes: the body, gods and heroes, myths, the manipulation of nature, politics, domestic and state economics, philosophy and education, Dionysus and Apollo, and art. A final chapter examines modern perceptions of the classical past, looking at how we regard classical ruins and relics and how we promote this ancient world in today's culture. Includes a timeline and guides to classical lives and myths.

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