Rome and the Sword [Hardback]

Simon James (Author)

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ISBN: 9780500251829 | Published by: Thames and Hudson | Year of Publication: 2011 | Language: English 328p, b/w illus, col pls

Rome and the Sword


The popular image of the Roman army is of a well-oiled military machine, engaged in patrolling frontiers and enforcing the pax Romana . Simon James takes a different view, focusing on the experience of the ordinary soldier, and the pervasive violence which the military role involved. He investigates the role of the soldier within Roman society, again emphasising that military interaction with civil society was often itself brutal and violent. He also foregrounds the material experience of the soldier, the weaponry, military equipment and everyday items which they used, as well as the symbolic dimensions of these objects. All these factors are combined in a narrative from Rome's first expansion to the end of the empire in the west, in which Rome's enemies too play an important part, and in which the sword sits alongside assimilation in sustaining Rome's success.

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