Beyond Stonehenge: Essays on the Bronze Age in Honour of Colin Burgess [Hardback]

Christopher Burgess (Author); Peter Topping (Author); Frances Lynch (Author)

ISBN: 9781842172155 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Year of Publication: 2007 | Language: English 448p, H297 x W210 (mm) 227 illus, many in colour, 8 tabs

Beyond Stonehenge


Celebrating Colin Burgess 65th birthday and more than 45 years studying the Bronze Age, thirty-six contributors, friends, colleagues, former students and members of the Bronze Age Studies Group have come together to provide their latest thoughts on the Bronze Age in Europe. Topics range from the rock art of Northumberland to the nuraghe of Sardinia, from mining in Wales to cross-Channel trade links and from the Cave of Covsea to that at Heathery Burn. Artefact studies include, re-assessments of Scottish Ceramics, Swords from the European Lowlands and from Scotland, hair rings in France, Gold from Iberia, a woodworkers toolkit from Ireland and the first analysis of the most recent bronze and gold hoard discovered in northern England. Wider topics are also considered including the dating of the Bronze Age in Britain in light of the latest European discoveries.

Table of Contents

Culture contact in prehistoric Europe: forty years on from the diffusionist debate (Dennis Harding)
Cup and rings and passage grave art: insular and imported traditions (Clive Waddington)
Miners and farmers: local settlement contexts for Bronze Age mining (William O'Brien)
'The phallic explanation'. A late nineteenth-century solution to the cup-and-ring conundrum (Paul Frodsham)
Bronze moyen récent du Médoc et middle Bronze Age II: des connexions atlantiques (Julia Roussot-Larroque)
Unenclosed round-houses in Scotland: occupation, abandonment and the character of settlement (S. P. Halliday)
Implantation géographique des sépultures de l'âge du bronze dans le Finistére (Michel Le Goffic)
A revision of the late Bronze Age burials from Roça do Casal do Meio (Calhariz), Portugal (R. J. Harrison)
Burnt evidence and mined ground: peat and poverty in early mineral extraction process (C. Stephen Briggs)
The early Iron Age transition in the goldwork of the west of the Iberian Peninsula (Virgílio Hipólito Correia)
Change and persistence. The Mediterranean contribution to Atlantic metalwork in late Bronze Age Iberia (Barbara Armbruster and Alicia Perea)
Timing death and deposition: burials, hoards and Bronze Age chronology in western Iberia (Catriona D. Gibson)
Reinecke's ABC and the chronology of the British Bronze Age (Sabine Gerloff)
Dating the Scottish Bronze Age: 'there is clearly much that the material can still tell us' (Alison Sheridan)
Heathery Burn: the nature and importance of its deposits (Anthony Harding)
The fort on Shackleton Beacon, County Durham (Keith Blood)
'An awesome place'. The late Bronze Age use of the Sculptor's Cave, Covesea, Moray (Ian A. G. Shepherd)
Burnt mounds in the Lake District, Cumbria (John Hodgson)
A note concerning the Naraghe Barrabisa, Palau (SS): first summary of research (Anna Grazia Russu)
Ritual architecture, ashlar masonry and water in the later Bronze Age of Sardinia: a view from Monte Sant' Antonia (Siligo-SS) (Nevenka Vešligaj and Christopher Burgess)
Votive swords in Gallura: an example of Nuragic weapon worship (Fulvia Lo Schiavo)
Beakers and the Beaker culture (Humphrey Case)
Bronze Age cross-Channel relations. The Lower-Normandy (France) example: ceramic chronology and first reflections (Cyril Marcigny, Emmanuel Ghesquiere and Ian Kinnes, with contributions by Thierry Benoît)
Métallurgie atlantique et style céramique Rhin-Suisse-France orientale dans le Centre-Ouest de la France. A propos de l'épée pistilliforme de Saint-Hilaire-le-Palud (Deux-Sévres), un état de la question (José Gomez de Soto)
Bronze makes a Bronze Age? Considering the systemics of the Bronze Age metal use and the implications of the selective deposition (Stuart Needham)
Swords by numbers (Dirk Brandherm)
Spiralling from the Danube to the Meuse: The metal-hilted sword from Buggenum (Netherlands, Limburg) (Jay J. Butler and David R. Fontijn)
Late Bronze Age swords from Scotland: some finds old and new (Trevor Cowie and Brendan O'Connor)
Le dépôt de bronze de Villethierry (yonne). Une relucture des données (Claude Mordant)
Apport du Bronze Age Study Group au vieillissement ddes “hair-rings” dans le Nord de la France (Ghislaine Billand and Marc Talon)
The tool-kit of a late Bronze Age wood-worker from Loughbown, County Galway, Ireland (George Eogan)
La Broche à rôtir articulée de Port-Sainte-Foy. Un instrument privilégié des banquets de la fin de l'age du Bronze sur la façade atlantique (Christian Chevillot)
The Meldon Bridge periood: the pottery from the south and east Scotland twenty years on (Ann MacSween)
Miroirs et mantique á lâge du Bronze (Eugéne Warmenbol)
A late Bronze Age hoard of gold and bronze from near Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland (Stuart Needham, Gill Varndell and Sally Worrell)
Continuity of monumental traditions into the late Bronze Age? Henges to ring-forts, and shrines (T. G. Manby)
Colin Burgess: Adult Education and the Northumberland Archaeological Group (Stephen Speak, Margarert Maddison, Basil Butcher, Gordon Moir and the members of NAG)

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