Buildings of Medieval Europe: Studies in Social and Landscape Contexts of Medieval Buildings [Paperback]

Duncan Berryman (Editor); Sarah Kerr (Editor)

ISBN: 9781785709715 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Year of Publication: 2018 | Language: English 164p, H240 x W170 (mm) 72 b/w

Buildings of Medieval Europe


This volume brings together an interesting range of papers discussing medieval buildings across Europe. They provide interesting insights to life in the medieval world in several understudied areas of Europe. The papers range from Croatia and Transylvania in the east, Scandinavia in the north and Britain in the west, providing insights into areas that are rarely discussed by books published in western Europe. There is comprehensive range in size and status of buildings, from the smallest, single-roomed house in Byzantine Serbia and rural homes in central Europe to churches in Sweden and monastic hospitals in England. Buildings of high status and low status are discussed, as well as those of a secular and ecclesiastic nature. Materials and craftspeople are considered through a study of brick makers and their identifying marks. This volume aims to open discussions about medieval buildings beyond simply architectural features and typologies, and furthers the discipline through this process. Buildings can reveal details of the lives of their occupants and therefore enrich our knowledge of life in medieval Europe.

Table of Contents

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List of contributors
1.  Introduction
Duncan Berryman & Sarah Kerr
Part 1 Britain and Scandinavia
2.  Finnish medieval brickmakers’ marks as markers of identity
Ilari Aalto
3.  To weigh and to tax: the Medieval and Early Post-medieval administration buildings of Gammel Strand, Copenhagen, Denmark
Stuart Whatley
4.  Medieval roof trusses in the Swedish landscape of Västergötland
Robin Gullbrandsson
5.   The medieval hospitals of England: a complex issue
Martin Huggon
Part 2 - Central & eastern Europe
6.   Sherds, Walls and the City: Archaeological examination of a modest early Byzantine household
Miriam Steinborn
7.  Medieval churches in a borderland: the case of Transylvania
Daniela Marcu Istrate
8.  Petrapilosa: Building and historical development of medieval fort
Josip Višnjić
9.  The Formation of the three-compartment rural house in medieval Central Europe as a cultural synthesis of different building traditions
Pavel Vařeka

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