Butrint 7: Beyond Butrint: Kalivo, Çuka e Aitoit and their surroundings: Surveys and Excavations by the Italian Archaeological Mission, the Albanian Institute of Archaeology and the Butrint Foundation, 1928–2015 [Hardback]

Richard Hodges (Editor); David R. Hernandez (Editor)

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ISBN: 9781789254334 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Series: Butrint Archaeological Monographs | Volume: 7 | Publication: November 2020 | Language: English/Italian 224p, H297 x W210 (mm) b/w
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Butrint 7


This volume brings together a collection of reports and essays pertaining to the Butrint Foundation project at Butrint, Albania. It includes unpublished archive reports discovered in Rome and Tirana, commentaries on their methodology and history, as well as several new fieldwork reports arising from research made or supported by the Butrint Foundation. Together with other volumes published in the Butrint Foundation series, it makes this Adriatic Sea port and its hinterland one of the most intensively published coastal littorals in the Mediterranean region, the so-called Corrupting Sea.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Acknowledgments, by David Hernandez and Richard Hodges
Part I. Italian and Albanian Surveys and Excavations
  1. A Colonial Indifference to Butrint, 1923-1924. S. S. Clarke’s ‘Survey’ of the Hinterland of Buthrotum, by Richard Hodges
  2. The History of Archaeological Investigation at Kalivo and Çuka e Aitoit, by Oliver J. Gilkes  
  3. L’acropoli di Calivò (with an Appendix of preliminary notes), by Luigi Maria Ugolini (transcribed and edited by Oliver J. Gilkes)
  4. Short Introduction to Ugolini’s and Islami’s Surveys and Excavations at Çuka e Aitoit (Monte Aetòs), by Oliver J. Gilkes
  5. L’acropoli di Monte Aetòs (Çuka e Aitoit): Il lato nord (cinta delle mura), by Luigi Maria Ugolini
  6. Monte Aetòs (Çuka e Aitoit): Scavi, by Luigi Maria Ugolini
  7. La cinta medioevale di Monte Aetòs (Çuka e Aitoit), by Luigi Maria Ugolini
  8. Monte Aetòs (Çuka e Aitoit): Necropoli, by Luigi Maria Ugolini
  9. I reperti da Monte Aetòs – The Finds from Çuka e Aitoit, by Luigi Maria Ugolini, with contributions by Karen Francis, Oliver J. Gilkes, David Hernandez, and Belisa Muka
  10.  Giornale di scavo del Monte Aetòs (Çuka e Aitoit), 1929, by Alfredo Nuccitelli  
  11.  Çuka e Aitoit: The 1979 Survey and Excavations, by Selim Islami (with an Introductory Preface by Oliver J. Gilkes)
Part II. Butrint Foundation Surveys and Excavations
12.  The Perimeter Walls of Kalivo: Electronic Survey, 2001, by Andrew Crowson
13.  Excavations at Kalivo, 2004, by Andrew Crowson (with an Appendix by Paul Reynolds and Nadia Aleotti)
14.  Roman and Venetian Sites at Alinura Bay, by José C. Carvajal López
15.  A Possible Roman Villa at the Customs House, by Andrew Crowson
16.  Trial Excavations at the Triangular Fortress, 2014, by Ilir Parangoni, Oliver J. Gilkes and David Bescoby
17.  The Eastern Villa Suburbana and Its Pars Rustica on the Vrina Plain, by Oliver J. Gilkes, Emily Glass, Valbona Hysa, Ilir Parangoni and Paul Reynolds (with Appendices by Oliver J. Gilkes and Alessandra Pecci & Miguel Ángel Cau Ontiveros)
18.  The Shën Dimitri Survey, 2015: The Rediscovery of Zarópulo, by Ilir Parangoni
19.  The Diaporit Villa in Context, by William Bowden and Luan Përzhita
20.  The Late Bronze Age and Hellenistic Fortified Site at Mursi, Albania, by David Hernandez
21.  The Late Bronze Age Pottery from Mursi, Albania, by Sarah Lima
22.  The Hellenistic Pottery from Mursi, Albania, by Nadia Aleotti
23.  The Coins from Mursi, Albania: The Discovery of a New Chaonian Issue, by William S. Bubelis and Elena Baldi
24.  Pan at Butrint, by David Hernandez, Richard Hodges, Selim Islami and Louise Schofield
25.  Beyond Butrint: Dominion, Territory and the Corrupting Sea, by David Hernandez and Richard Hodges
Appendix: Dhimosten Budina (1930-2004) — ‘Architect’ of the Butrint Archaeological Park, by Oliver J. Gilkes and Richard Hodges

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