Food & Cooking, & Diet

Cookery and diet of our ancestors from prehistory onwards, from archaeological data to historic recipes.

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  1. Cooking up the Past

    Cooking up the Past [Paperback]

    C. Mee (Editor); Josette Renard (Author)


    ISBN: 9781842172278
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    This volume focuses on the ways in which the production and consumption of food developed in the Aegean region in the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age, to see how this was linked to the appearance of more complex forms of social organisation. Sit... .... Learn More
  2. Kentucky Bourbon Country

    Kentucky Bourbon Country: The Essential Travel Guide [Paperback]

    Susan Reigler (Author); Carol Peachee (Author); Pam Spaulding (Author)


    ISBN: 9780813168067
    Published by : University Press of Kentucky
    Like wine lovers who dream of traveling to Bordeaux or beer enthusiasts with visions of the breweries of Belgium, bourbon lovers plan their pilgrimages to Kentucky's bourbon country. And what a country it is! Some of the most famous distilleries a... .... Learn More
  3. More Kentucky Bourbon Cocktails

    More Kentucky Bourbon Cocktails [Hardback]

    Joy Perrine (Author); Susan Reigler (Author); Jessica Ebelhar (Author)


    ISBN: 9780813167688
    Published by : University Press of Kentucky
    Ninety-five percent of the world's bourbon whiskey is produced in Kentucky, and the drink is as distinctive to the state as Thoroughbred horses and Bluegrass music. As America's native spirit enjoys booming popularity worldwide, award-winning bart... .... Learn More
  4. The Historic Kentucky Kitchen

    The Historic Kentucky Kitchen: Traditional Recipes for Today's Cook [Paperback]

    Deirdre A. Scaggs (Author); Andrew W. McGraw (Author); John van Willigen (Author)


    ISBN: 9780813167534
    Published by : University Press of Kentucky
    Kitchens serve as more than a place to prepare food; they are cornerstones of the home and family. Just as memories are passed down through stories shared around the stove, recipes preserve traditions and customs for future generations. The rich, ... .... Learn More
  5. Lea's Good Food Everyday

    Lea's Good Food Everyday [Paperback]

    Lea Hogg (Author)


    ISBN: 9789993275992
    Published by : Midsea Books
    This book includes 75 easy recipes for today’s living, curated from Lea Hogg’s television program. Each recipe is simple to prepare using local ingredients that are readily available. Each recipe in the book is clearly classified to suit food into... .... Learn More
  6. Maple Sugaring

    Maple Sugaring [Hardback]

    David K. Leff (Author)


    ISBN: 9780819575692
    Published by : Wesleyan University Press
    Maple Sugaring gives readers an intimate look at the art and science of America's favorite sweet. These stories, told by real-life sugarmakers, reveal how this ancient industry has continued into the twenty-first century. Thanks to the newest tech... .... Learn More
  7. Breakfast at O'Rourke's

    Breakfast at O'Rourke's [Paperback]

    Brian O’Rourke (Author)


    ISBN: 9780819574992
    Published by : Wesleyan University Press
    Since 1941, O’Rourke’s Diner has been a beloved eatery and a second home to generations of Middletown families, Wesleyan students, and diners from all over the Connecticut River Valley. Capturing the magic of the diner itself—classic, hip, eclecti... .... Learn More
  8. The Birth of Bourbon

    The Birth of Bourbon: A Photographic Tour of Early Distilleries [Hardback]

    Carol Peachee (Author); Jim Gray (Author)


    ISBN: 9780813165547
    Published by : University Press of Kentucky
    Whiskey making has been an integral part of American history since frontier times. In Kentucky, early settlers brought stills to preserve grain, and they soon found that the limestone-filtered water and the unique climate of the scenic Bluegrass r... .... Learn More
  9. The Manhattan Cocktail

    The Manhattan Cocktail: A Modern Guide to the Whiskey Classic [Hardback]

    Albert W. A. Schmid (Author); Bridget Albert (Author)


    ISBN: 9780813165899
    Published by : University Press of Kentucky
    Alongside other classic cocktails such as the Old Fashioned, the Mint Julep, and the Martini, the Manhattan has been a staple of the sophisticated bar scene since the late nineteenth century. Never out of style, this iconic drink has seen a renais... .... Learn More
  10. Flavors from Home

    Flavors from Home: Refugees in Kentucky Share Their Stories and Comfort Foods [Hardback]

    Aimee Zaring (Author)


    ISBN: 9780813160917
    Published by : University Press of Kentucky
    Each year, the United States legally resettles tens of thousands of refugees who have fled their homelands. Refugees, unlike economic migrants, are forced to leave their countries of origin or are driven out by violence or persecution. As these in... .... Learn More

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