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  1. Before the Military Revolution

    Before the Military Revolution: European Warfare and the Rise of the Early Modern State 1300-1490 [Hardback]

    Alexander Querengässer (Author)


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    ISBN: 9781789256697
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    Before the Military Revolution examines European Warfare in the Late Middle Ages from 1300 to 1490. It is not restricted only to well-covered conflicts, like the Anglo-Scottish Wars or the Hundred Years War, but gives due weight to all re... .... Learn More
  2. Be a Perfect Man: Christian Masculinity and the Carolingian Aristocracy

    Be a Perfect Man: Christian Masculinity and the Carolingian Aristocracy [Hardback]

    Andrew J. Romig (Author)

    Regular Price: £54.00

    Special Price: £9.25

    ISBN: 9780812249248
    Published by : Pennsylvania University Press
    Series: The Middle Ages Series
    The life of an aristocratic Carolingian man involved an array of behaviors and duties associated with his gender and rank: an education in arms and letters; training in horsemanship, soldiery, and hunting; betrothal, marriage, and the virile produ... .... Learn More
  3. Being an Islander

    Being an Islander: Production and Identity at Quoygrew, Orkney, AD 900-1600 [Hardback]

    James H. Barrett (Editor)

    Regular Price: £56.00

    Special Price: £19.95

    ISBN: 9781902937618
    Published by : McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
    Series: McDonald Institute Monographs
    Quoygrew - a settlement of farmers and fishers on the island of Westray in Orkney - was continuously occupied from the tenth century until 1937. Focusing on the archaeology of its first 700 years, this volume explores how 'small worlds' both refle... .... Learn More
  4. Empty Bottles of Gentilism

    Empty Bottles of Gentilism [Hardback]

    Francis Oakley (Author)

    Regular Price: £38.00

    Special Price: £9.95

    ISBN: 9780300155389
    Published by : Yale University Press
    This, the first of a trilogy which will examine the part played by the Middle Ages in the development of modern political thought, examines the Classical inheritance and early medieval theories of kingship and regal sacrality. Oakley argues tha... .... Learn More
  5. Divorce of Lothar II

    Divorce of Lothar II [Hardback]

    K. Heidecker (Author)

    Regular Price: £45.00

    Special Price: £12.95

    ISBN: 9780801439292
    Published by : Cornell University Press
    The Divorce of Lothar II illuminates the origin and development of Western notions of marriage and divorce and the separation of church and state in the context of a notorious royal divorce in late Carolingian Europe. In 857, Lothar II, king of Lo... .... Learn More
  6. Anglo-Saxons and the North

    Anglo-Saxons and the North [Hardback]

    Matti Kilipio (Editor); Leena Kahlas-Tarkka (Editor)

    Regular Price: £39.00

    Special Price: £6.40

    ISBN: 9780866984126
    Published by : Medieval and Renaissance Texts Society
    Anglo-Saxons and the North is a wide-ranging collection of essays by acknowledged experts in the field of Anglo-Saxon studies. In his reassessment of the Rök Stone, Harris reveals close links between Scandinavia and Western Europe, and Frisia in p... .... Learn More
  7. Venetian Butrint

    Venetian Butrint [Paperback]

    A. Crowson (Author)


    ISBN: 9780953555642
    Published by : Butrint Foundation
    In 1386 Butrint, together with the island of Corfu, was purchased by the Republic of Venice as part of the all-important trade routes through the Adriatic. This splendidly illustrated book investigates one of the most fascinating aspects of Eur... .... Learn More
  8. The Name of the Saint

    The Name of the Saint [Hardback]

    Felice Lifshitz (Author)

    Regular Price: £41.50

    Special Price: £9.95

    ISBN: 9780268033750
    Published by : Notre Dame University Press
    This book presents a detailed examination of the reception and recopying of the (apocryphal) Martyrology of Saint Jerome in the Early Middle Ages. The Martyrology comprises a calendrically organised list of names of saints, and offers a rahter dif... .... Learn More
  9. A Celtic Florilegium7

    A Celtic Florilegium7: Studies in Memory of Brendan O Hehir [Hardback]

    Kathryn Klar (Author)


    ISBN: 9780964244634
    Published by : Celtic Studies Publications
    Series: Celtic Studies Publications
    Volume: 2
    Nineteen papers on early medieval Irish and Welsh texts. Contents include: St Patrick in Cornwall? The origin and transmission of Vita Tertia S. Patricii ( David Dumville ); Re-reading Dafydd ap Gwilym ( Patrick Ford ); The spoils of Annwn: Ta... .... Learn More
  10. San Vincenzo al Volturno 1

    San Vincenzo al Volturno 1: The 1980-86 Excavations, Part 1 [Paperback]

    Richard Hodges (Author)

    Regular Price: £35.00

    Special Price: £12.50

    ISBN: 9780904152241
    Published by : British School at Rome
    Series: Archaeological Monographs of the British School at Rome
    Volume: 7
    This is the first of a number of volumes describing the 1980-86 excavations at the early medieval Benedictine abbey of San Vincenzo al Volturno in central Italy. This volume gives a general introduction to this important project, a description ... .... Learn More

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