Military History

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  1. Educating Air Forces

    Educating Air Forces: Global Perspectives on Airpower Learning [Hardback]

    Randall Wakelam (Editor); David Varey (Editor); Emanuele Sica (Editor); Alexander Meinzinger (Author); James S. Corum (Other)


    ISBN: 9780813180243
    Published by : University Press of Kentucky
    Series: Aviation & Air Power
    Not yet published - available for pre-order
    Compared to armies and navies, which have existed as professional fighting services for centuries, the technology that makes air forces possible is much newer. As a result, these services have had to quickly develop methods of preparing aviators t... .... Learn More
  2. Odessa, 1941-1944

    Odessa, 1941-1944: A Case Study of Soviet Territory under Foreign Rule [Hardback]

    Alexander Dallin (Author); Larry Watts (Author)


    ISBN: 9789739839112
    Published by : Center for Romanian Studies
    Odessa, 1941-1944 is a comprehensive study of the Romanian administration in Odessa and Transnistria during World War II. It draws a sharp contrast between occupation policies in Odessa and Transnistria, under Romanian administration, and those of... .... Learn More

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