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  1. Shades of Green

    Shades of Green: An Environmental and Cultural History of Sitka Spruce [Paperback]

    Ruth Tittensor (Author)

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    Special Price: £9.95

    ISBN: 9781909686779
    Published by : Windgather Press
    Sitka spruce has contributed to the Pacific Coast landscapes of North America for over ten millennia. For the Tlingit First Nationit is the most important tree in terms of spiritual relationships, art, and products in daily use such as canoes, con... .... Learn More
  2. Wild Harvest

    Wild Harvest: Plants in the Hominin and Pre-Agrarian Human Worlds [Paperback]

    Karen Hardy (Editor); Lucy Kubiak-Martens (Editor)

    Regular Price: £32.00

    Special Price: £12.95

    ISBN: 9781785701238
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    Series: Studying Scientific Archaeology
    Volume: 2
    Plants are fundamental to life; they are used by all human groups and most animals. They provide raw materials, vitamins and essential nutrients and we could not survive without them. Yet access to plant use before the Neolithic can be challenging... .... Learn More
  3. The Woods of Ireland

    The Woods of Ireland: A History, 700-1800 [Paperback]

    Nigel Everett (Author)

    Regular Price: £24.95

    Special Price: £16.50

    ISBN: 9781846825910
    Published by : Four Courts Press
    The accepted view of Irish woodlands is that Ireland was covered in trees until the English came and chopped them down. While admirable in its brevity, this interpretation is inadequate regarding the actual management of Irish forests from the lat... .... Learn More
  4. Trees in Towns and Cities

    Trees in Towns and Cities: A History of British Urban Arboriculture [Paperback]

    Mark Johnston (Author)

    Regular Price: £39.95

    Special Price: £14.95

    ISBN: 9781909686625
    Published by : Windgather Press
    This is the first book on the history of trees in Britain’s towns and cities and the people who have planted and cared for them. It is a highly readable and authoritative account of the trees in our urban landscapes from the Romans to the present ... .... Learn More
  5. Black Shank of Tobacco in the Former Dutch East Indies, caused by Phytophthora Nicotianae

    Black Shank of Tobacco in the Former Dutch East Indies, caused by Phytophthora Nicotianae [Paperback]

    Jan C. Zadoks (Editor)


    ISBN: 9789088902833
    Published by : Sidestone Press
    Jacob van Breda de Haan is known as the author of the name Phytophthora nicotianae n.sp., the causal agent of ‘black shank’, an important disease of tobacco. Who was he? Where did he work? What did he publish? He published in Dutch, 1896, in a Dut... .... Learn More
  6. Bluegrass Land and Life

    Bluegrass Land and Life: Land Character, Plants, and Animals of the Inner Bluegrass Region of Kentucky: Past, Present, and Future [Paperback]

    Mary E. Wharton (Author); Roger W. Barbour (Author)


    ISBN: 9780813155593
    Published by : University Press of Kentucky
    The Inner Bluegrass Region of Kentucky is a shining jewel of geography - synonymous in the minds of many with the state of Kentucky. It is unique in many respects: the character of its land, its native vegetation, and its indigenous animal life. T... .... Learn More

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