Celtic from the West 2: Rethinking the Bronze Age and the Arrival of Indo-European in Atlantic Europe [Hardback]

John T. Koch (Editor); Barry Cunliffe (Editor)

ISBN: 9781842175293 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Series: Celtic Studies Publications | Volume: 16 | Year of Publication: 2013 | Language: English 237p,

Celtic from the West 2


Europe’s Atlantic façade has long been treated as marginal to the formation of the European Bronze Age and the puzzle of the origin and early spread of the Indo-European languages. Until recently the idea that Atlantic Europe was a wholly pre-Indo-European world throughout the Bronze Age remained plausible. Rapidly expanding evidence for the later prehistory and the pre-Roman languages of the West increasingly exclude that possibility. It is therefore time to refocus on a narrowing list of ‘suspects’ as possible archaeological proxies for the arrival of this great language family and emergence of its Celtic branch. This reconsideration inevitably throws penetrating new light on the formation of later prehistoric Atlantic Europe and the implications of new evidence for inter-regional connections.

Table of Contents

Prologue: Ha C1a ≠ PC (‘The Earliest Hallstatt Iron Age cannot equal Proto-Celtic’) (John T. Koch)

1. The Indo-Europeanization of Atlantic Europe (J. P. Mallory)
2. The Arrival of the Beaker Set in Britain and Ireland (A. P. Fitzpatrick)
3. Beakers into Bronze: Tracing connections between Western Iberia and the British Isles 2800–800 BC (Catriona Gibson)
4. Out of the Flow and Ebb of the European Bronze Age: Heroes, Tartessos, and Celtic (John T. Koch)
5. Westward Ho? Sword-Bearers and All the Rest of it . . . (Dirk Brandherm)
6. Dead-Sea Connections: A Bronze Age and Iron Age Ritual Site on the Isle of Thanet (Jacqueline I. McKinley, Jörn Schuster, & Andrew Millard)
7. Models of Language Spread and Language Development in Prehistoric Europe (Dagmar S. Wodtko)
8. Early Celtic in the West: The Indo-European Context (Colin Renfrew)

Epilogue: The Celts—Where Next (Barry Cunliffe)

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