Celtic from the West 3: Atlantic Europe in the Metal Ages — Questions of a Shared Language [Hardback]

John T. Koch (Editor); Barry Cunliffe (Editor)

ISBN: 9781785702273 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Series: Celtic Studies Publications | Year of Publication: 2016 | Language: English 480p, H246 x W189 (mm)

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Celtic from the West 3


The Celtic languages and groups called Keltoi (i.e. ‘Celts’) emerge into our written records at the pre-Roman Iron Age. The impetus for this book is to explore from the perspectives of three disciplines—archaeology, genetics, and linguistics—the background in later European prehistory to these developments. There is a traditional scenario, according to which, Celtic speech and the associated group identity came in to being during the Early Iron Age in the north Alpine zone and then rapidly spread across central and western Europe. This idea of ‘Celtogenesis’ remains deeply entrenched in scholarly and popular thought. But it has become increasingly difficult to reconcile with recent discoveries pointing towards origins in the deeper past. It should no longer be taken for granted that Atlantic Europe during the 2nd and 3rd millennia BC were pre-Celtic or even pre-Indo-European. The explorations in Celtic from the West 3 are drawn together in this spirit, continuing two earlier volumes in the influential series.

Table of Contents

part I: Archaeology
1. Behind the Warriors: Bell Beakers and Identities in Atlantic
Europe (3rd millennium BC)
Laure Salanova 13
2. The Lost Cultures of the Halberd Bearers: a non-Beaker ideology in
later 3rd millennium Atlantic Europe
stuart needham 40
3. Closed for Business or Cultural Change? Tracing the re-use
and final blocking of megalithic tombs during the Beaker period
catriona d. Gibson 83
4. Copper mining, Prospection, and the Beaker Phenomenon
in Wales—the significance of the Banc Tynddol gold disc
Simon Timberlake 111
5. Burial Practices in Ireland during the Late 3rd millennium BC—
connecting new ideologies with local expressions
kerri cleary 139
6. Stelae, Funerary Practice, and Group Identities in the Bronze
and Iron Ages of SW Iberia: a moyenne durée perspective
Dirk brandherm 179
7. Language Shift and Political Context in Late Bronze Age Ireland:
some implications of hillfort chronology
William O’Brien 201
8. Metal, Metalwork, and Specialization: the chemical composition
of British Bronze Age swords in context
Peter Bray 229
9. Emerging Settlement Monumentality in North Wales during
the Late Bronze and Iron Age: the case of Meillionydd
Raimund Karl 247
10. Ephemeral Abundance at Llanmaes: Exploring the residues and
resonances of an Earliest Iron Age midden and its associated
archaeological context in the Vale of Glamorgan
Adam Gwilt, Mark Lodwick, Jody Deacon, Nicholas
Wells, Richard Madgwick, & Tim Young 277
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part II: Genetics
11. The Genetic Structure of the British Populations and their Surnames
Bruce J. Winney & Walter F. Bodmer 305
12. Archaeogenetic and Palaeogenetic Evidence for Metal Age Mobility
in Europe
Maria Pala, Pedro Soares, & Martin B. Richards 321
part III: Linguistics
13. Archaeology and Language Shift in Atlantic Europe
J. P. Mallory 345
14. The Question of a Hamito-Semitic Substratum in Insular Celtic
and Celtic from the West
Steve Hewitt 365
15. Phoenicians in the West and the Break-up of the Atlantic Bronze
Age and Proto-Celtic
16. Ancient Personal Names in the Iberian Peninsula and Parallels in
Celtic Inscribed Artefacts from Early Medieval Britain and Ireland
Fernando Fernández Palacios 429
17. ancillary study: Sound Change, the Italo-Celtic Linguistic
Unity, and the Italian Homeland of Celtic
Peter Schrijver 465
18. ancillary study: Celtic as Vasconized Indo-European?
Three structural arguments
Theo Vennemann 475
Index 495

Reviews & Quotes

"Given the debate over the genetic impact of eastern peoples and how western data does, or does not, fit into the wider pattern, these detailed studies will be crucial in comparing and contrasting the differing evidence of genetic and cultural data."
John Collis
Archaeological Journal (19/06/2019)

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