Chiasmi International n. 4 [Paperback]

Mauro Carbone (Author); Leonard Lawlor (Author); Renaud Barbaras (Author)

ISBN: 9788884831033 | Published by: Mimesis International | Volume: 4 | Year of Publication: 2015 | Language: English 426p,

Chiasmi International n. 4


The notion of "flesh", such as Merlau-Ponty elaborates it, is beginnig to occupy a central position in international philosophical debates. In recent years, some of the most famous contemporary thinkers have struggled with it. They were brought to the flesh by its intrinsic interest as well as by the contemporary reconception of our experience of the body and its relation to the world. The dense and original articles in which this volume consist attempt to return to the strictly philosophical coherence of the notion, as well to the tightly woven network of references to the flesh within Merlau-Ponty’s thought, where it retains the eminent place that we know it possesses. In addition, with this fourth volume, Chiasmi International expands its field of investigation by devoting a special section to the thought of the great Czech phenomenologist Jan Patocka. Essays by Mauro Carbone, Renaud Barbaras, Pierre Rodrigo, Étienne Bimbenet, Luigi Tarantino, Leonard Lawlor, Jean-Noël Cueille, Claudio di Bitonto, Kym Maclaren, Fabrice Colonna, Alessia Mascellani, Valentina Flak, David Belot, Antonio Martone, Guy Deniau, Bruce Bégout, Pierre Cassou-Noguès, Justin Tauber.

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