Black Sea in Antiquity: Regional & Interregional Economic Exchanges [Hardback]

John Lund (Author)

ISBN: 9788779342668 | Published by: Aarhus University Press | Series: (Black Sea Studies, 6) | Year of Publication: 2008 | Language: English 396p, H170 x W240 (mm) b/w illus & maps

Black Sea in Antiquity


This volume addresses a wide range of issues concerning the economic exchanges that took place within the Black Sea region, and between the Black Sea and Mediterranean areas from about 700 BC to AD 200. The contributing scholars of ancient history and archaeology consider old and new evidence in order to shed new light on central aspects of the economic relationship that existed between these two eminently important regions in antiquity. The authors offer novel approaches and propound a number of fresh interpretations to key questions concerning the relationship between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. The overarching question is whether the Black Sea and the Mediterranean were organically linked and thus complemented each other in economic terms.

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