Greek Vases in New Contexts: The Collecting and Trading of Greek Vases - An Aspect of the Modern Reception of Antiquity [Hardback]

Vinnie Norskov (Author)

ISBN: 9788772888866 | Published by: Aarhus University Press | Year of Publication: 2002 | Language: English 407p, 87 b/w and col pls and figs, 17 tbs

Greek Vases in New Contexts


Greek vases have been among antiquity's most widely collected artefacts since the 18th century. This volume examines trends in the collection and trade of Greek vases in the years since World War II. Norskov combines a detailed historical narrative with case studies of eight major museum collections, plus an analysis of auction and dealer documents listing 18,000 Greek vases, to provide a comprehensive overview of the subject. The volume highlights a major scholarly shift in the 1960s which broadened the gap between museum collections, which adopted the new contextual approach, and the collections of individuals who selected items for their aesthetic value. The growing curatorial emphasis on context also lent weight to emerging ethical concerns as the relation between unprovenanced objects and the destruction of archaeological sites became an international issue.

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