The Greeks Beyond the Aegean: From Marseilles to Bactria [Paperback]

Vassos Karageorghis (Editor)

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ISBN: 9789963888504 | Published by: Hellenic Museums Shop | Year of Publication: 2002 | Language: English 208p, colour and b/w illus.

The Greeks Beyond the Aegean


There are some phenomena in the history of the world, which have left an everlasting impact on the development of civilization, beneficial or otherwise. Today, when we say the words democracy, philosophy, ideology, theatre, music, we recall one of the above phenomena, the Greek heritage of Europe and the whole world. In the realm of philosophical thought, science, literature, art and architecture the Greeks have left their mark. Greek heritage, which was born and flourished in the Aegean, soon spread beyond its native boundaries, to the east and West, from the middle of the 2nd millennium to the period of Alexander the Great. It is this topic, the Greeks beyond the Aegean, that is the focus of this international symposium. The conference proceedings include essays by renowned scholars in the field such as Nikolaos Chr. Stampolidis, Museum of Cycladic Art; Jean-Yves Empereur, CNRS, Cantery d'Études Alexandrines; Larissa Bonfante, New York University ; Antoine Hermary, MMSG-Centre Camille Jullian, CNRS; Pierre Leriche, CNRS-E.N.S.; Gocha R. Thetskhladze, Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, University of London; Elizabeth Rosen Stone; and Polymnia Athanassiadi, Department of History, University of Athens.

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