Greece, Macedon and Persia [Hardback]

Timothy Howe (Editor); Erin Garvin (Editor); Graham Wrightson (Editor)

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ISBN: 9781782979234 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Year of Publication: 2015 | Language: English 168p, H240 x W170 (mm) b/w illustrations

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Greece, Macedon and Persia


This book contains a collection of papers related to the history and historiography of Warfare, Politics and Power in the Ancient Mediterranean world. The contributions, written by 19 recognized experts from a variety of methodological and evidentiary perspectives, show how ancient peoples considered war and conflict at the heart of social, political and economic activity. Though focusing on a single theme – war – the papers are firmly based in the context of the wider social and literary issues of Ancient Mediterranean scholarship and as such, consider war and conflict as part of a complex matrix of culture in which historical actors articulate their relationships with society and historical authors articulate their relationships with history. The result is a rich understanding of Ancient World history and history-writing. The volume is presented in honour of Waldemar Heckel, a foremost scholar of Alexander the Great and Ancient Warfare.

Table of Contents


1 Darius I and the Problems of (Re)conquest: Resistance, False Identities and the Impact of the Past.
Sabine Müller

2 Clausewitz, the Culminating Point of Attack, and Greco-Persian Wars
E. Edward Garvin

3 Thucydides and the Failure in Sicily
A. B. Bosworth

4 Women and Symposia in Macedonia
Elizabeth Carney

5 Infantry and the Evolution of Argead Macedonia
William Greenwalt

6 Equine Aspects of Alexander the Great’s Macedonian Cavalry
Carolyn Willekes

7. Macedonian armies and the perfection of Combined Arms
Graham Wrightson

8 Military Unrest in the age of Philip and Alexander of Macedon: Defining the terms of Debate
Lee L. Brice

9 Opposition to Macedonian Kings: Riots for Rewards and Verbal Protests
Joseph Roisman

10 Arrian and ‘Roman’ Military Tactics. Alexander’s Campaign against the Autonomous Thracians.
Timothy Howe

11 Counter-Insurgency: The Lesson of Alexander the Great
Edward M. Anson

12 The Comparison between Alexander and Philip. Use and Metamorphosis of an Ideological Theme
Guiseppe Squillaci

13 Alexander’s Unintended Legacy: Borders.
Stanley Burstein

14 Cleomenes of Naucratis, Villain or Victim?
Elizabeth Baynham

15 Cult of the Dead and Vision of the Afterlife in Early Hellenistic Macedonia.
Franca Landucci Gattinoni

16 What did Arsinoe tell Lysimachus about Philetaerus?
Daniel Ogden

17 Polybius on Naval Warfare
Philip DeSouza

18 Rome’s Apparent Disinterest in Macedonia 168-148 BC
John Vanderspoel

Reviews & Quotes

"All in all, this anthology is therefore an interesting and generally high-quality publication."
Lennart Gilhaus
Hsozkult (15/01/2018)

"...provides paperson a mix of topics of broad interest to historians of the Macedonian kingdoms."
D. Graninger
Classical Journal Online

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