The Oxford History of Historical Writing: Volume 1: Beginnings to AD 600 [Paperback]

Andrew Feldherr (Editor); Grant Hardy (Editor)

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ISBN: 9780198737803 | Published by: Oxford University Press | Year of Publication: 2015 | Language: English 672p,

The Oxford History of Historical Writing: Volume 1: Beginnings to AD 600


The Oxford History of Historical Writing is a five-volume series that explores representations of the past from the beginnings of writing to the present day and from all over the world. Volume I offers essays by leading scholars on the development and history of the major traditions of historical writing, including the ancient Near East, Classical Greece and Rome, and East and South Asia from their origins until c. AD 600. It provides both an authoritative survey of the field and an unrivalled opportunity to make cross-cultural comparisons.

Table of Contents

 1. Early Mesopotamia ; 2. Later Mesopotamia ; 3. Ancient Egypt ; 4. Historiography in Ancient Israel ; 5. Greek Inscriptions as Historical Writing ; 6. Early Greek Poetry as/and History ; 7. The Rise of Greek Historiography and the Invention of Prose ; 8. Hellenistic Historiography ; 9. Josephus ; 10. History and Inscriptions, Rome ; 11. Annales and Analysis ; 12. Imperial History and Biography at Rome ; 13. The Greek Historians of Imperial Rome ; 14. Imperial Christian Historiography ; 15. History and Inscriptions (China) ; 16. Chinese History and Philosophy ; 17. Pre-Qin Annals ; 18. Historiography and Empire ; 19. Sima Qian and the Shiji ; 20. The Han Histories ; 21. Historiography of the Six Dynasties Period (220-581) ; 22. Buddhism: Biographies of Buddhist Monks ; 23. Historical Traditions in Early India: c.1000 BC to c. AD 600 ; 24. Inscriptions as Historical Writing in Early India: Third Century BC to Sixth Century AD ; 25. Epilogue

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