A Companion to Greek Literature [Hardback]

Martin Hose (Editor); David Schenker (Editor)

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ISBN: 9781444339420 | Published by: Wiley-Blackwell | Year of Publication: 2015 | Language: English 576p,

A Companion to Greek Literature


Fom the monumental works of Homer to the texts of the early church fathers, the ancient Greeks produced a body of literature that has been rarely equalled throughout history. A Companion to Greek Literature presents a comprehensive introduction to the wide range of texts and literary forms produced in the Greek language over a millennium, from the 6th century BCE up to the early years of the Byzantine Empire. Featuring contributions from a wide range of established and emerging scholars of Greek literature as it evolved over the centuries. Areas explored include the production and transmission of ancient Greek texts, historic reception, individual authors, and many more. Other readings address the wide variety of genres and literary forms produced by the ancient Greeks - including but not limited to epic and lyric poetry, oratory, historiography, biography, philosophy, the novel, and technical literature.

Table of Contents

Introduction: A Companion to Greek Literature 1
Martin Hose and David Schenker
Part I Production and Transmission 7
1 Mechanics and Means of Production in Antiquity 9
Lucio Del Corso
2 A Wound, not a World: Textual Survival and Transmission 27
Richard H. Armstrong
Part II Greek Literature as a Dynamic System 41
3 Orality and Literacy: Ancient Greek Literature as Oral Literature 43
Steve Reece
4 Literature in the Archaic Age 58
Timothy Power
5 Literature in the Classical Age of Greece 77
James McGlew
6 Literature in the Hellenistic World 89
Anatole Mori
7 Greek Literature in the Roman World: Introducing Imperial Greek Literature 112
Jason König
8 The Encounter with Christianity 126
Jan Stenger
Part III Genres 139
9 Greek Epic 141
Hanna M. Roisman
10 Lyric: Melic, Iambic, Elegiac 155
James Bradley Wells
11 The Ethics of Greek Drama 175
Richard Rader
12 Epigram and Minor Genres 190
Regina Höschele
13 Oratory: Practice and Theory 205
Mike Edwards
14 Historiography and Biography 217
Antonis Tsakmakis
15 Philosophical Writing: Treatise, Dialogue, Diatribe, Epistle 235
Martin Hose
16 The Novel 256
Stefan Tilg
17 Technical Literature 266
Thorsten Fögen
Part IV The Players 281
18 The Creators of Literature 283
Mary Lefkowitz
19 Users of Literature 296
René Nünlist
20 Sponsors and Enemies of Literature 310
David Schenker
Part V The Places 323
21 Places of Production 325
Martin Hose
22 Places of presentation 344
Manuel Baumbach
23 Topos and Topoi 353
Suzanne Saïd
Part VI Literature and Knowledge 371
24 Literature and Truth 373
Martin Hose
25 Knowledge of Self 386
Daniela Dueck
26 Explicit Knowledge 401
Markus Asper
27 Implicit Knowledge 415
David Konstan
28 Preserved Knowledge: Summaries and Compilations 427
Markus Dubischar
Part VII Literature and Aesthetics 441
29 The Language of Greek Literature 443
Andreas Willi
30 Poetic Devices in Greek Literature: Pleasure and Creative Appropriation 461
Nicholas Baechle
31 The Function of Literature 476
Victoria Wohl
Part VIII The Reception of Greek Literature 489
32 Trends in Greek Literature in the Contemporary Academy 491
Emily Wilson
33 The Reception of Ancient Greek Literature and Western Identity 511
Edith Hall

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