A Guide to Reading Herodotus' Histories [Hardback]

Sean Sheehan (Author)

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ISBN: 9781474292672 | Published by: Bloomsbury | Year of Publication: 2018 | Language: English 304p, 41 bw line drawings & text boxes

A Guide to Reading Herodotus' Histories


Modern scholarship judges Herodotus to be a more complex writer than his past readers supposed. His Histories is now being read in ways that are seemingly incompatible if not contradictory. This volume interrogates the various ways the text of the Histories has been and can be read by scholars: as the seminal text of our Ur-historian, as ethnology, literary art and fable. Our readings can bring out various guises of Herodotus himself: an author with the eye of a travel writer and the mind of an investigative journalist; a globalist, enlightened but superstitious; a rambling storyteller but a prose stylist; the so-called 'father of history' but in antiquity also labelled the 'father of lies'; both geographer and gossipmonger; both entertainer and an author whom social and cultural historians read and admire. Guiding students chapter-by-chapter through approaches as fascinating and often surprising as the original itself, Sean Sheehan goes beyond conventional Herodotus introductions and instead looks at the various interpretations of the work, which themselves shed light on the original. With text boxes highlighting key topics and indices of passages, this volume is an essential guide for students whether reading Herodotus for the first time, or returning to revisit this crucial text for later research.

Table of Contents

List of Boxes Approaches A literary historian The form of the Histories Herodotus the ethnographer The Histories as literature Themes and patterns Commentary Book One: Crosesus and Cyrus Book Two: Egypt Book Three: Cambyses, Samos and Darius Book Four: Darius, Scythia and Libya Book Five: The Ionian Revolt: Causes and Outbreak Book Six: The Ionian Revolt: Defeat and Aftermath Book Seven: The Road to Thermopylae Book Eight: Showdown at Salamis Book Nine: Persia Defeated Notes Bibliography Index of Passages General Index

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